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  1. Hello All, I was just wondering if there was a way to adjust the acoustic management level of the hard disk inside the Mac Book Pro 17 inch 2.4 GHz models. I have the model with the 5400 rmp drive and I noticed that even the smallest seeks to the hard disk generate a garbling sound as if it is struggling too launch and application the application launch time is fine.But for example when loading fire fox or opening any other application,finder window the sound from the hard disk is very noticeable. I have used the disk utility to verify my disk and all seems fine. If anyone knows how too turn
  2. Hello All I was wondering if anyone could help me out by trying to track down a ring tone from the nokia 3120. The ring tone I am looking for is called "Ring ring" I have attached a image of the phone if this would help. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
  3. Hello LeVeL thanks for the reply and the links to the label type software. I will get those rounded labels on my windows machine one day
  4. Hi LeVeL I downloaded the previous version of your app and I think it is great. How ever I was wondering if it was possible to add and OSX like feature and give the icon text a rounded color label. If not thank you for creating this great application it is very useful.
  5. I got 3dollars on it to say that "Bebi_Bulma" will become the most popular person on the Aqua-Soft.org forums. It is true what you say But this is coming from a straight guy
  6. Sid855


    Hello I just downloaded this widget and I think its great. I was using ave desk before but was trying to find a one program solution. I was wondering is there a way to auto mount a drive with ikons. For example when using ave desk if I disconnect my usb drive the icons fades and disappears from the desktop. Just wondering if this feature was possible. Thanks for any information.
  7. Hey guys thanks so much for the replys. To xizor227 your linked worked I will make sure to book mark this site thanks again. Damn spoke to soon. I got the midi file but my phone does not let me set it as a ringtone I can only play the sound
  8. Hi all I was wondering if you guys could help me out. All I would like to do is send a .midi file to my cell phone and use that midi file as a ringtone. I have a verizon pn-215 phone. I can access the internet. I have tried some services that use wap and a password but my all my cell phone browser allows me to do is play the file but not download it and save it. Any ideas there has to be away any help would be great thanx
  9. Hi all I was wondering if anyone is familiar with the singer utada. I have a small picture that I found on the net a while ago and was wondering if anyone had a full wallpaper of this image. See attached file. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello I was wondering if I could get some help on skinning the mozilla calendar applications mainly sunbird and lightning for the thunderbird email client. My question I just want the event lables for a new calendar event to be a rounded label like the calendar I have attached in the screen shot that has a mac os feel to it. I tried looking in the css file but I am not sure how to go about doing so. Any help would be great thanks in advance.
  11. Hi guys I found this neat little utility for windows that backs up all of windows drivers for those who do allot of re-installs. problem is it comes with this longhorn user interface. I was wondering if someone could skin it mac style if it was possible. I looked at the .exe file with reshack but I am not sure what files to edit to change the skin. Thanx in advance.
  12. Hey guys thanx so much for the images, To travelfox: in all fairness I did search using these words "Backup" and "Umbrella" in all three icon & cursor sub forums. thanx again
  13. HI guys I was wondering if anyone could help me out with the backup umbrella icon from a mac any color variations would be great I found a screen from apple see link thanx for any help http://www.apple.com/feedback/backup.html
  14. sreen shot added edit: Hi again guys and gals I thought this added information would help. the png image of ken with the black background is coming from a windows messenger live version of msn. I can get the contacts image in miranda how ever they can not see my image inside of there msn messenger they get the defualt blue guy. So I am thinking it might be the version of msn messenger live? I am using the msn plugin inide of miranda. I will keep trying to figure out the problem thanx again. edit again: Hi again well I figured out why my avatar was not being set using the ad
  15. Hi guys and gals. I am just trying to get a little help with miranda. I am having trouble when using a theme in the message window if you take a look at my screen shot you will see that the image from the msn conversation has a black background i know for a fact this is a transparent png because its transparent on when using the msn messenger from microsoft. If you take a look at my contact list you will see the image is transparent in the contact list this happened after I installed the "loadavatars.dll". If i can get any help or links to sites on how to fix this that would be great.
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