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  1. The only other library I know is SDL. SDL home It uses OpenGL for 3D and provide low-level access to video hardware. I am not sure about the speed though. I have some experience in managed directX and it is easier to use than COM-based version. Building your own direct access graphics library would be cool but I guess it would require a lot of work. I am interested but I don't use Delphi. Maybe you can ask AV if he is interested. If you decide to actually start the project , I wish all best of the luck and I hope you can teach me all the tricks you learn on the way.
  2. I can easily make nexplorer use a different icon size but it will slow down nexplorer because I can't use system Icon cache anymore. So performance wise, using the same icon size is the best way. Any specific reason you want to use different icon sizes?
  3. I found that there are many bugs in 1.9 that caused speed problems. I think I fixed most of the bugs now but I need some time to thoroughly check . The new version will be released in a few days.
  4. Thanks a lot , herd. You really know a lot about what's going on under the water. Yeah, as you said, using commandbar instead of traditional menu is kinda like a fashion these days so it gets harder and harder for OB-like programs to snatch menus. OB can't capture menus of about half of apps I use. (Office, VS, Firefox, ...) I'm not disappointed though. That means I don't have to spend time in drawing some menu bitamps
  5. I am trying to implement a hidden menu in the next version of NeXplorer that would be detected by objectbar and mcbar ( perhaps winmac too) One question I have is if any of these programs support menu icons or bitmaps? I have OB version 1.55 and although I can put bitmaps or icons in fixed objectbar menu items , it doesn't seem to capture application menu items with icons or bitmaps . I think it is the same for MaBar. Does anyone know if I set some options wrong or if it is not supported at all?
  6. I don't see a point in doing this but ..... The sentence starts with "I should try...." Not just "Try...." "Next time" doesn't always mean "your next time". It was "my next time". And your socrates logic doesn't apply here because I never used "if" anywhere in my posts. Anyway, it's kinda sad that a little bit of hospitality comes back as a flame.
  7. Uh-oh You misunderstood me completely. It is YOU that should read posts more carefully and you should not quote only a part of a sentence to distort the meaning. I was not telling you to be more original. I was actually praising you to be original and saying that I SHOULD BE MORE LIKE YOU. Where did I say that Nexplorer is the only finder clone? Anyway, there is no point of saying something to someone who considers everything as a personal attack
  8. Looks slick, man I like that you came up with a lot of original features for your file browser too. Maybe I should also try something more original than a finder clone( I mean nexplorer) next time. Let me know if you have any problems building your browsing engine. I also had to make my own file browsing engine for Nexplorer and learned a lot about shell programming on the way. I know you are capable of doing everything on your own but I may be able to help you save some time. I am willing to share my little knowledge. Good luck with your app.
  9. A new version (1.91) will probably be released this weekend. Progress so far - New Shadow rendering engine ( much better than before) and option to turn it off - Moving in one piece ( no bits and parts) - Experimental ObjectBar support (Right now it has only two menus ) - Shortcut selection automatically changes when you move to one of the folders in the shortcut pane - And some bug fixes Constructive criticism is alwyas welcome but no offending remarks will be allowed. I will ask mods to delete those even if they are not targeted towards me or my program. Again, if you don't like somet
  10. It has been brought up before. It's because I uploaded a debug version not a release version by mistake. I am going to replace it with the release version soon but I want to fix some things before that.
  11. I think I will add a program menu that is detected by objectbar to the next version. It doesn't require a lot of effort in coding so hopefully it can be done soon.
  12. Sorry if I'm replying a little late. I am really busy with my real project at my lab these days. I have to work even on weekends Anyway, by "no skin" version you mean just caption bar and frame , I guess, cause neither WB nor MSstyles can change the toolbars and background. There can't exist complete "no skin" version and you will need a skin one way or another unless you want fixed toolars and background. So I thought it would make sense to skin the whole thing including the frame and scrollbars to make it look uniform. You can certainly defer skinning of the caption bar and frame to
  13. Edit nexplorer.ini in your nexplorer directory. To revert to the original icon, you just set "nIcon" value to 0. Or even easier than that is , you can just delete the trash can shortcut and drag it over from the desktop Strange. You should be able to see labels in column view too. Look at one of the screenshots I posted .
  14. oops, I think I uploaded a debug version by mistake I will upload a different version soon
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