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  1. Search Wincustomize.com for Cuzzo (the author). I am personally running that theme, it IS the best. It is MUCH better on the eyes then all that white Aqua stuff (gets annoying when your entire room lights up and you can swear you saw a x-ray reflection of your scull in your head off the reflection of the monitor :-).. Maybe that's just my contrast though..). Absolutly perfect.. Heeeey.. I see that ObjectDock screenshot has the RECYCLE bin on the one side?? Like it should be? Coolio!
  2. Figured I might as well post this. http://www.planetnexiz.com/clotz2005/webpa...z2005/index.htm Simply sweet site for icons. Get them while you can- the site hoster is dying. There are ZIP files at the end of the pages (the last page in the catagories) for all the icons of that cat..
  3. no screenshot? broken link? doesn't seem to show up.
  4. Last thing. Noticed that the text on the icons FADES away as the mouse leaves- they don't fade in, but they do fade out.
  5. Last note for ObjectDock.. I've also noticed in Jag that the icons "bounce" as they appear and launch. ObjectDock as now only seems to have the icons appear, but they don't bounce as the app launches at the same time.. http://www.apple.com/macosx/theater/terminal.html watch the dock- you will see what I mean ;-).
  6. Greetings! My name is Keven. I'm relativly new to this forum, and I recently downloaded ObjectDock. I don't know if the maker visits this forum, but I'd like to first thank him on the sweet @$$ job on ObjectDock! I now use it as a full-time Windows alternative along with ObjectBar. I figured I'd like to suggest a nice new feature. Most have noticed the traingles under some running programs- I would believe that this means there is a Menu available for that program. I'd love to see that type of menu system with the options for the program or such like in OS X. I would seriously like to see th
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