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  1. Bye. EDIT: Go ahead, warn me. See if it bothers me the slightest.
  2. Ok deadzombie, please you tell me, what is the topic??
  3. Ok fine, call it two people. Hes not here posting in this communtiy now is he. But, if you think somehow this guy is here, then yes he helped me. Do I care, no, just read the article and see for yourself why windows is so bad. Heres another post for you. By the way, thats not plagarism. I didnt print his work and put my name after it. I just gave you facts.
  4. Dude, I am going up against dz alone. I just used his article to help prove some of my points. I havent used any other information other than my own, up until now. It justs helps me prove my point. I can use outside sources.
  5. Ok then, you want the source, there was an article written by Timothy Macinta. Here is his web address. Go look him up! http://www.twmacinta.com/
  6. I never said I wrote the whole thing. You want hard facts. I'm giving you hard facts. :hey_suga:
  7. Hey Cho, back this up, you want some real facts??? Here ya go... From a Software User's Perspective Bloat Why is it that Microsoft's products keep mushrooming in size with each new release always requiring significantly more disk space and more processing power than the last time? They might claim it's because of all the new features they add each time, but that's only half the story. The new features and the increased processing requirements are designed to fuel the process of perpetual upgrades. This is Microsoft's way of rubbing Intel's back so that Intel will give Microsoft preferent
  8. THOSE ARE FACTS!!! Try reading some history of the two companies.
  9. Microsoft paid off Apple to get off their ass for the copyright issues. If Microsoft didnt do this, they might not be here today, because Apple would have continued with their lawsuit against them and the Microsoft would have been shut down. Laugh if you want, IBM wouldnt have teamed up with Apple, if they didnt think it would do them a whole lotta good in the long run. Adobe is not losing money to Apple. Apple may have a small market share in the scheme of things, they are still making a profit over their small market share and thats all that counts. If they are making a profit, they can wor
  10. I would have to disagree with you on this one. Yes, computers are extremely complex machines. But, they dont have to be complex to use. If you design them intuitively, and smart, you can design them to be easy for the user to use, without learning alot first. I believe Apple has acheived this.
  11. Wow! Doom supports Mac and pc play together? I know there are a lot of games that do support that now, actually. Warcraft III etc. EDIT: I would say your best bet is to network the two, as DHSMaroon suggested. You'll save a lot of time thats for sure!!!
  12. Thats pretty damn nice I must say. I'll have to use that when I'm playing certain games on windows.
  13. Damn, I wish I lived on a farm. I got outside every hour pretty much. Either to do something out around the house, or because I'm going running, or to a friends house. I'm out and in at least 10 times a day.
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