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  1. Just tried your suggestion and it still crashed. Very strange. Maybe I should just start with a fresh install of everything
  2. When I drag 1 item to the trash all is fine, but when i drag multiple items AveDesk crashes. I only have 2 other desklets (shortcuts) running and I'm using the latest version of AveDesk. Any help or clue would be much appreciated Thanks. i guess no one has this problem or doesn't drag multiple things to the recycle bin. Oh well.... i'll just hit the delete key to off 'em.
  3. You're most welcome.... as far as the other question, I haven't come across anything for that instance. If I do I'll post it
  4. --> Desklet Properties --> Appearance tab - Change the style to Always-On-Bottom HTH.
  5. and gets crapped on each time.
  6. I would like to "ween" off of Yahoo! Widget and only use Avedesk. Can a similar desklet to this.... http://www.widgetgallery.com/view.php?widget=38174 be made?
  7. I second the request for adding wmp11 support. There is nothing wrong with having options. Everyone has there favorite so why bash ppl for what they use?
  8. Is this really a "bump" or just merely a new user who found this and wanted to give, excuse the term, "props" to the author for such a fine addition to AveDesk. And, yes, I did read the "send him a PM." part. It's a stuck thread, so it's always topped all else. Herd, excellent extension! Thank you.
  9. I use this extension to get the incompatible ones that I use to work.. http://users.blueprintit.co.uk/~dave/web/f...id/nightly.html
  10. This happens to me as well, but in addition to my network drive it happends to a folder shortcut and, well, everything that uses the PIDLShortcut. The effect fix that seemed to solve the problem doesn't any longer.
  11. Bug description: D-Weather location is not being retained Items involved: AveScripter D-Weather Desklet Windows Version: WinXP Pro w/SP2 DirectX version: 9.0c System specs: Intel P4 3GHz 2GB of RAM Graphics card & drivers version: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT Desklets running: AveScripter (D-Weather); AveScipter (Calendar); iTunesDesklet; 4 PidlShortcuts (Recycle Bin, DVD-RW Drive, Folder, Network Storage) Steps to reproduce: Set zip code (City,State) .... When computer is restarted after being shutdown, the location information is missing and needs to be re-entered Special notes: This behavio
  12. The network/internet speed monitor that I currently use for Konfabulator works, but I only want to use AveDesk. I've tried some from sysstats, but would like to see more variety to choose from
  13. @vkeios, I tried to replace it with the guid generator and still got the same error
  14. great, thanks for offering to help.
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