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  1. I lost the Mail icon. Anybody care to upload it again? Thanks
  2. gook


    Damn my HD crashed so I'm trying to get back as much of the icons I had. Anyone know where to get the original? Also if it's available in a bigger size. Thanks
  3. thanks! do you know who made the icon or if it's a package?
  4. Can any one tell me where to find these two icons I'm also looking for the cylinder cube icons that comes in different colors. Sorry I have no screen shot for that one. I've used it as my recycle bin before. Thanks in advance
  5. Where did you get that amazing wallpaper?
  6. Thanks ArtOfGlory So far I just need the other 2...
  7. Can someone point me to a working link or upload these icons Here are some of the preview that I could dig but no luck for the icons itself. Thanks in advanced NickelCobalt (I got 2 folder icons from this thread) http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread....ht=nickelcobalt JBL On stage Mr610 Powered (Got it)
  8. Can you tell me where you found these two? I would also like to look for the sets they were in. THank you so much!
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