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  1. This is where I post when Macthemes doesn't let me post about macs. This is a post.
  2. Open the theme up, find the scrollbar.css (not exact name) and switch it with one from a theme that works on windows.
  3. I love you so much for posting this right now. I've been wanting to do this for so long, and thankfully I always sort by kind.
  4. Thanks, this might be useful next time I use Windows. Also its a japanese fellow who did it...
  5. Hey Guys, I decided to visit my old friend AS again!
  6. If anyone cares, its out: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/6050 Most likely OS X only; but its good enough, that I'm going to base any themes I make on it. Also because of the fact it seems to be under a trifecta of open-sores licenses, someone could fix it up for Windows/Linux. VV I meant open-sores. I like to make fun of OSS licenses especially the weaker ones like BSD/MIT.
  7. I've finished VOID4 for Firefox 2.0 (like a week ago actually). http://customize.org/firefox/themes/53062 So to anyone reading this, I hope you like it.
  8. Put this in your userchrome file. Change YOURCOLORHERE of course. treechildren.autocomplete-treebody::-moz-tree-row(selected) { background-color: YOURCOLORHERE !important; }
  9. You actually got kind of lucky, I rarely visit this site anymore. But I updated RulerAGV2 and Bee3. It should look fine and dandy, but I can't guarantee a thing. (didn't check on Windows) http://customize.org/vkeios
  10. Yeah, I broke that somehow, and I haven't had the time lately to fix. It would be nice if some kind person told me what the id of that element is. (hint, hint)
  11. Hypothetically if I was to get a oink.me.uk invite, I'd give an demonoid invite in return. Hypothetically of course.
  12. Bee3 RulerAGV2 Thanks to Lukasz Giezek's help, I got RulerAGV2/Bee3 ported for Firefox 2.0. Guaranteed to work on OS X, seems to work on windows. Also I have VOID2 for 1.5, uploaded to customize.org
  13. @888xw, nice screenshot and I loved that movie. Whats sadder, that i quoted an obscure game, or that I quoted an obscure game I never played?
  14. iPulse? http://iconfactory.com/software/ipulse
  15. I can so bother you nail people. Most of my nails are varying lengths, since I like to grow them long, and only cut them when they break. (not all, just the broken one.) Ironically, I used to bite my nails, until I just decided to quit one day. Forgot to mention, I like aligning things up with the edges of desks they're on too. I got crazy about it with my video game consoles.
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