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  1. Architecture Student domain: No good for CAD Fine for anything else I'm a grad student and mac + webct is a nightmare. Most webclasses, streaming video, etc is designed around windows, ie, and wmp. using a mac is a giant headache.
  2. sweet... too bad i rip all my movies to vob's... thankfully vlc handles them. I may have to rip my next movie as an iso to try this out tho! Is there an advantage to ripping into iso format that I'm not aware of? I try not to lose the dts/ac-3 audio while compressing the crap out of the video. obviously i dont know much about ripping dvds tho...
  3. Have you considered not buying a mac? Granted I have a macbook so I'm not trying to dissuade you from purchasing a mac. I think its great that you have the initiative to get a job to afford the things you want, especially at 14. You said you want to run photoshop and some macromedia apps. I won't include internet browsing or media apps since they are not intensive apps and my old 733Mhz P3 server can do that. My two cents: First off, why a macbook with a 13.3" screen? You will definitely want more screen real estate, so have you considered a desktop or second monitor? Photoshop and Macr
  4. you can try my regedit file which adds the option to remove the recycle bin. This is what I have always used. double clicking this file will add the option to show recycle bin on desktop in your folder options > view. I did not create this, but have always kept it works for me. remove recycle bin.zip
  5. if no thumbnail in the info window, you can open the applications resource folder by control clicking and selecting that option, and then open resources folder, rename default icon, and drop the new one in. make sure you match the names of the icons. or you can just use iconverter to generate an icns with thumbnail from a png for example and use candybar, info window, etc...
  6. its on my wall at work... thanks for sharing...
  7. its been months since i posted... I'm avoiding work so heres my windows box... throw back to the good old days... VS: area o4.1 Wall: At four I die both available by FOUR Icons: reflections SRI by styrizo Folders: minium duh... TB: my standard, Ruler Subtle Tones
  8. cool thanks for the heads up... any one know of a free option that is similar to pixadex? i dont use it often enough to warrant paying for it...
  9. great looking icons... cant wait to use them, but as i emailed you thru your site, candybar cant open you icontainer... just wondering if its something on my end or if anyone has mentioned it.... thanks
  10. I have switched to OS X but still use my PC mainly for music storage. I commend you for keeping up with this fantastic application and sticking to your commitment to provide it for free. Thanks.
  11. youre looking at the wrong icon... the spaces one is up there but scroll up to the black one that igo was talking about "that Black icons with flying windows (frog, sunset and some flower)..."
  12. I'm not sure yet... i tested it on a small volume populated with about 10 word documents, text files, folders, pictures... I ran a couple tests of renaming, deleting, altering, etc under the different options to see how well they worked... everything was very snappy and the options do exactly what the short explanation presents. soon enough this will be used to sync my main music partition to folder on a non-partitioned (larger) secondary drive. The plan is to have a backup directory which is not limited by space constraints and later mirror w/ raid1 on a dedicated box for ftp/streaming from
  13. I hate bumping threads like this, but this is a great tool that needs to be advertised a little... I am in the process of going raid 1 but until i build a new dedicated server, I picked up a 160 gb drive to backup primarily my music off my master partitioned drive. wanted free software that was easy to use and reliable... SyncToy offers about 7 options for synchronizing, echoing, etc; about any combination you want to backup folder a to folder b. small, streamlined, free app... nice work microsoft!
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