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  1. Ashiaveli


    I love it. One request: thin taskbar. can't wait, good luck.
  2. lid> what vs is that? love the 0px border
  3. yes, installed twice to make sure but no go. will try copying to windows. EDIT: putting it in c:/windows made it run and i love it! so cool! one question tho, anyway to make the icons smooth? they are very jaggy regardless of icon size.
  4. any luck with this problem?
  5. ^great reply first time doing css so it is messy. will try to clean it up. dunno about the JS..gonna go and look at the code. paragraphs same deal. as for freehostia..gotta change it using 50webs now and it's even better. UPDATE: added to the portfolio.
  6. ^haven't put in content yet, trying to finalize the site design first.
  7. Thanks but if you read my updates, I haven't put in content yet because I want to get the site done first. I've tested my gallery script and all so I'm just waiting till I'm finished the site to drop in the content.
  8. Hello, I was wondering if I could get some feedback. I hope this is the right section, if not move please and thank you. http://www.lemonlimedesigns.ca thank you
  9. I have everything needed to install this but i keep getting the error: loadlibrary ("findexer.dll") failed - the specified module could not be found. not sure what hte problem is seeing as it is there in the folder and all.. hm..
  10. Hey, Just looking for some feedback on my personal/portfolio site. Trying to get back into designing (seems like a waste to sit all summer and not accomplish anything or better mysefl). http://lemonlime.50webs.com thanks
  11. very very nice. wall please?
  12. the colours are a bit off compared to the colours they use, not bright or saturated enough.
  13. love it! cant wait for final. awesome job.
  14. .Fliz>> what font are you using? great pic btw.
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