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  1. ok i recently got a new 60Gb HDD, and wanted to put linux on one petition and Win98SE on the other. as my dad has a few diffrent copys of Linux i wanted to ask him if he would consider doing it for me. i'd like to do this as i want to use Linux and see what the advantage's of it are. could you help please in this decistion. what Linux version is best, what programs are good. and maybe some sites of intreast
  2. cool but why have the two Raven Shield icons got diffrent shadows?
  3. now there cool! brilliant work. :who's your daddy:
  4. Thanks alot for looking. i'm not wanting the alpha blending. but just the Aqua look. i finally found the panther wallpaper, thanks to this site mine you. (Y)
  5. i've been trying to find some OS X style Icons for Win98SE, i always find WinXP ones with the shadows. does anyone know where there is a place with OS X or Aqua style icons for Win98. any help would be thank full.
  6. from the shot that was a quick port but looks really cool so far
  7. thanks man, i suddenly though i should of done a google search before hand. but didn't know i had the dll in the msn folder. but it's working now. very cool skin
  8. erm.. i need some help. i installed the skin and i have msn 6.1, but says i need UNICOWS.dll erm... do i need something else, or is this only for xp as im running win98SE
  9. thats quite a nice bit of wallpaper you have there. (Y)
  10. i did do a search and it turned up nothing. but thanks for the help all the same.
  11. ok thanks for the help. i'll try one of those.
  12. ok i was hear a while a go and found a thread that had a link to a tar.gz file that had about 2000 png icons, in sizes from 16x16 upto 128x128. there were mac os x style. i was woundering if any body knew where there was a link for it. thanks in advanced.
  13. :who's your daddy: thanks man, i'll try it.
  14. i've been trying to find a good eFX aqua style skin, but havent been able to, i've also been looking for one themed on the quick time metal look. could any one help
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