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  1. I know, not very imaginative but I like it http://deathmedic.deviantart.com/art/bars-97749928
  2. i'll do a 16:10 one then.. any size? oh and for which one? or both? http://deathmedic.deviantart.com/art/AC-DC...-Doors-96014207 there you go
  3. I've already been informed about the light issue at another forum actually i'll 'correct' it in a bit
  4. will release a pack with different resolutions at a latter date. http://deathmedic.deviantart.com/art/AC-DC-95985624 AC/DC http://deathmedic.deviantart.com/art/the-Doors-95981563 The Doors both are 1920 x 1080
  5. AGP is faster than PCI and PCI-E is faster than both of them... I'd go for a decent AGP card as the PCI would be rather laggy by todays standards.
  6. damn thats hot! sorry had too... I wonder if they'll have a virtual tour of hollywood house's?
  7. smooth.. nice some of the lines on the bin are a bit jagged though
  8. dude! is your HDD about to fall and smash your 3d card?! and what's with the duct tape?
  9. seems fine.. not had a problem since the switch..
  10. Life Is Worthless (demo) lo-fi URL: http://www.soundclick.com/util/getplayer.m3u?id=6698610&q=lo hi-fi URL: http://www.soundclick.com/util/getplayer.m3u?id=6698610&q=hi I'm hoping to finish this one... with vocals and a real start... and some bass most likely digging the new forum skin
  11. erm.. that video was part of my job...
  12. well this was filmed at work, and edited there too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZMiG-K6cHM
  13. thanks Shmengie, i guess i should really have more patience in trying to play in time as to just getting it recorded..
  14. this song is only partly done and i will finnish it either tomorrow or friday... tell what you think.. apart from that 'the drums are out of sync' and/or 'there is no bass' I'm tired and have a really nasty headache, so no bashing on the 'out of sync-ness' please. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_songI...&songID=6645092
  15. my school got blown up... just kidding i haven't been in school for eight years
  16. my birthday was a week ago... there was a surprise thread here too.. if your too lazy to go look, i'm 24
  17. http://deathmedic.deviantart.com/art/James...endrix-88132707 I can just feel his guitar squealing now! PS: I tried my best.. some slight mismatch here and there
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