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  1. I'm not too happy with my comp I got at the start of 2008, so I'm gonna change parts of it...

    currently it's a Win XP box with

    AMD Athlon x2 64 5600+ I think thats 2.8Ghz or something.

    Gigabyte GA-M52S-S3P

    and a Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 2600 pro.

    so next month hopefully I'm gonna change a few parts to

    a MSI K9A2 Platinum 790FX mobo

    a AMD Phenom X4 9950

    and two Radeon HD 4670 in crossfire X

    i'll also get a quieter psu

    I'll keep the 2Gb of ram I have for now

  2. Hey guys

    I'm currently making a replacement radio station for GTA Vice City, I might also make one for GTA 3 too.

    but I was wondering if any of you guys would be willing to lend your voice's?

    for caller phone in's and such?

    I'm coming up to almost 15 minutes so far and was wondering if any of you would like to 'call in'

    It's basically a Thrash/Death/Grindcore station of alot of my own music, stuff I never finished writing and such.

    if you want to appear post here or pm me.

    idea's and such would be good too.

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