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  1. First of all, when I downloaded 1.3, it didn't come with the 'Drive' desklet that previous versions came with. So, I took the drive desklet from another computer (with an v. 1.2) and tried to use it with my v1.3. It worked, but it has a folder length limit.. for example, I cannot link to My Pictures because "C:documents and settings[username]my documentsmy pictures" is too long. I can just about get to "my pict" and then it won't let me type anymore. So, is there a new way to show a drive in v1.3? and why am I having this difficulty mounting My Pictures?
  2. You're getting pretty worked up. I'm sorry, but you blatantly have some buggy software. I just installed it on a fresh new laptop! I wouldn't have expected this to happen. -Yes, I read the Read-Me -No, I didn't install the boot screen and logon screen (for fear of Windows corrupting) Oh well, looks like it did anyway.. You should really look into this. v3 is not ready.
  3. Thanks a lot guys The pinstripe isn't really visible unless you're seeing it at 128.
  4. Yeah I know. Sadly I don't have much time to devote to PS - exam time + holiday time + flying time = no computer time.
  5. Random icon making. I was inspired by the OS X WMP icon. Sweet little icon that. Click To Download
  6. Thank YOU, for the feedback aleph.
  7. bzeitler: I figured that, lol. But the way you communicate with the iPod is through iTunes, so why would you need an iPod icon separately? What would it lead to? I thought about the shadow, but it seemed to work fine when in a dock. I'll probably change though. Faneramx: Thanks. Btw, this is the iPod, not the iPod Nano. As I said, I only made it because I didn't see a Black iPod Video icon that was close to Apple's pic.
  8. Actually, I just saw Sneakerhead's iPod Video icon which was a (very good) cutout from Apple's iPod picture. Well, before I saw that, I didn't see a Black iPod video icon that closely resembled Apple's picture- which is why I made this. I modelled this exactly to my real iPod & to Apple's iPod picture (the only thing I borrowed was the screen image). Well, mine is probably useless now since Sneakerhead's is the actual thing, but I still wanted to get mine out there. Click Here To Download p.s. what do you guys use these iPod icons for? I'd like to use mine, but I can't thi
  9. I prefer the FF Mac to the PC version too.
  10. f'ing slow the bounce effect down yo! hahaha its like its on crack.. Thanks! ..do that and I'm switching from Y'z! defo
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