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  1. I think the whole thing is rather humorous myself. I find it amusing to watch Microsoft's karma come to fruitition. Grusic
  2. A dual PII Celeron 430 Mhz with 160 RAM, a 4 meg Riva 128 video card and 2x3 Gig HD's. It's a little sluggish compared to my main box but it runs. Grusic
  3. Hi ieub, Please get the needed premissions and release these. I would ask that you do 0 pixel border versions of each. Grusic
  4. BDP, The pimp thing was tired when it first came out and it's way passed tired now. No self respecting Black person would want to be thought of in that light. With the key words here being self respecting. And for your information, I am Black. Grusic
  5. Jag, Those skins are for iTunes/OS X, not iTunes/Win, so I don't think they can be applied to the Win version. Grusic
  6. Hi all, If anyone has Aquabas.ttf, please let know where I may dload it from. Thanks in advance, Grusic
  7. Steve, From what it appears that you are planning, I think would just go ahead and get a top of the line, fully loaded G5 and be done with it. It sounds like a great project, but will the time, effort and money involved really leave you that much ahead? Grusic
  8. juno: just as an addition to the info you received. The taskbar needs to be unlocked first before the option to remove the title from any toolbar will present itself. Grusic
  9. It looks great, but what does it do, exactly? Grusic
  10. More Unity Eyes... See clearly....
  11. Spiders are predators, so they are not going to look cute. They are designed to hunt and kill. To me, they look no more unpleasant than the average human dressed up for hunting or for warfare. At least we as humans have a choice as to whether we hunt and kill, a spider does not. Grusic
  12. 3D Color Changer 3000 from JaSMIN: http://jotenet.idealscience.com/3dcc.asp maybe to take care of that. By using 3DCC to change the 3D Shadow and Window Borders one should be able to render the lines invisible. Grusic
  13. The weather icon maybe Meteorologist: http://homepage.mac.com/fahrenba/meteo/meteo.html The other stuff, tx/rx speeds, cpu load, is definitely MenuMeters, which is very easy to clone with Samurize.
  14. Here's the combination I have been using for several years without any problems on all the PCs at home: Kaspersky AVP v3.5.133 Kerio Personal Firewall v2.1.4 I found this combination to be fast, light on resource usage and so far, fool proof. The only virus that has ever gotten through was MSBlaster when it first hit because I had not updated AVP for like a month and I didn't have Kerio active at the time. Other then that, I have never got infected with any of the various Win32 virii. Grusic
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