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  1. What exactly is the problem with new members? Providing input? Wuzzie, next time you feel like saying anything, remember, youre just a new member. You say that you think AS is dying Unbe... have you ever considered why that might be so?
  2. Great looking set. Take your time and make em pretty, Can't wait for em.
  3. Wow, great looking skin. You've clearly improved as a skinner!
  4. Ya... lots of people complained they didnt like it... I love it. Much more efficient I think.
  5. Why are people so against this? It's absurd. He wants to start his own site, he's asking for help, and he gets trashed for no reason? Honestly, what's the point? He wants to do something, let him do it. Maybe one thing he'll have up on other emulation sites is something really crazy called compassion. Good Luck man, I hope it works out wonderfully.
  6. Nice work. Wasn't the clouds one used on the new M3 litestep theme?
  7. Hey, thisis a great app, thanks for pointing it out to me!
  8. Nice looking icons man. Very detailed.
  9. I could also host them on my own site if you don't want to deal with setting anything up. Only problem I can think of is the fact Im leaving for college Thursday, and since I have soccer preseason for a couple weeks, Im not positive how often Ill be around. Anyways, if you want it, you can have it! Good luck!
  10. These are great. I like the originality. Thanks for the release Bogdan, I cant wait for the a system wide replacement set to be out!
  11. Very nice looking. Looks pretty realistic to me!
  12. Very nice wall Tanuki! Thanks for the release, hopefully we'll see lots more! The different resolutions would be very nice though...
  13. Wow. Makes me want a new phone... Very nice theme ninio!
  14. Those have been out for awhile now. And ya, they were popular then too...
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