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  1. Thank you, I'll keep all that in mind.
  2. 1ere release 1680x1050 only les amis N-JOY
  3. yes, that's it, I forgot I installed it with the safari skin. thx
  4. Well it seems just wonderful, however I have a little problem, I can't make it work correctly, whatever ruler style I use, this is what I get : Anybody has a solution ?
  5. wall > ~novenarik OB > pm2k5 Avedesk+Rocket Dock+Firefox+iTunes+OD+MSN Tiger
  6. Well skunkie, congratulations, this dock has a great potential. I've been trying to replace object dock lately because : 1 : I hate stardock (like a lot of people) 2 : it's not a really "flexible" dock like was YZ Dock (rip) :slant: I tried RK Launcher but I don't like it, I mean it's a good dock, but not for me. I won't mention Moby dock, because I tried it for like half an hour and erased it. I needed something like YZ Dock but without the annoying "getting out of full screen in a movie or a game because I moved the mouse over it (goddamnit)". And surprise, Rocket Do
  7. Same thing here, I tried to convert it with dmg2iso, but didn't succeed. :slant:
  8. the "dmg2iso.pl " line is used when you downloaded and used the perl script. try downloading the win32 binary. Do the same as before, but this time, try typing : dmg2iso.exe and don't forget to put underscores instead of all the blanks there are in the name of the file.
  9. Well, I check this thread everyday since it's beginning, and i gotta say i'm impressed by the way the skin looks, it's gorgeous. I actually dropped thunderbird for foxmail last year but, this skin will make me try again i think . : ) Anyways, good work gentlemen.
  10. ARRRRGH DAMNIT !!!! unable to extract all the Pngs under WinXP, winrar only extracts a dozen and it's impossible to convert the dmg mac archive to iso. help please EDIT : The names with a "|" are blocked under winrar 2nd EDIT : no more success with iZarc 3rd EDIT : I finally got it, through Stuffit browser, and i renew my congratulations, this is one of the 3 best sets i have ever seen with minium and docunium, well done rimshot
  11. oh f****ing yes, ten thousand times yes, this is marvellous !!!
  12. Well I suppose it's 7 final beacause I downloaded it just before installing osX v2. I must have been too excited I didn't read all the lines . Anyway thank you for answering, I 'll have to wait for the skins to be updated.
  13. no problem at all, i already checked it out with FF. I seem to have a bug with the msn skin : msn doesn't work anymore it bugs 2 seconds after I start it
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