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  1. That's an old game now! Sorry I've never seen an icon for this.
  2. Just done a quick clean-up... we're now over 160 unique members on here. Remember to only CLICK ONCE though! Many of you are doing multiple entries by accident. And Ellada I think it did work for you as you were on there 11 times!!!
  3. Original link updated; sorry I didn't realise link had changed.
  4. November All details at deviantart.
  5. Great work, would love to see more in this series!
  6. Is there any chance of adding support for Snarl? Snarl Thread Snarl Homepage It would be good to see Growl-like notifications for Avedesk updates, desklets being added/updated etc.
  7. Saw this posted on winmatrix and thought you guys and girls might be interested. A Growl-like (http://growl.info/) application for windows has been released called Snarl. http://k23productions.com/haiku/snarl.html From the website; Unlike other forms of notification, Snarl does not hijack the current focused window, nor does it force the taskbar to be visible. Notifications can either be cancelled by clicking on them, or left to disappear automatically if ignored for a period of time. Snarl can display many message at any one time; new messages are simply displayed beneath e
  8. Glo icons Just a few folder icons I thought I'd release; not massively original but quite good on both dark and light desktops. 128x128 in both png and ico. Enjoy!
  9. Mine for September; details at DeviantArt. September
  10. I love the new interface... wish there was a firefox skin to match.
  11. Grim53 and rjohnstone your markers are deleted as requested. Over a 100 members on there now, and some of you guys live very close to each other. Remember to add to the DeviantArt one as well if you have an account there DeviantArt Map
  12. all done drudragon! Is anyone using the aerial photo overlays as well? u can pick out houses and cars in some areas...
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