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  1. youch, back to the future moment just there. I can't wait to try it ;p
  2. @Painkiller: Handbrake hands down. Also, for those that use Safari, a new extension is making some waves. It's called Glims, and does many things that Saft can, while being free
  3. On XP: Chrome On Mac: Omniweb, but since it's less and less usable because of infrequent updates, and Shiira is dead...Camino.
  4. hmm...Superdocker might work on 10.3...there's also Candybar 3.
  5. Mail is still in the beta as of now, but they said they are removing it from the final product.
  6. I've just installed Windows 7 on my iMac, and I must say it's the first time I'm impressed with a windows. They did a serious job on that one, that's for sure. I'm considering buying my first windows license if it keeps being that good. It won't replace Mac OS, that's for sure, but it feels fresh, speedy, and even stable o_0.
  7. Well, it took a while. But I have just bought a iMac (24 inches one). that thing is crazy. I'm setting it up in the morning edit: Well it's now done! the best is shiny, and nice But the keyboard'll get some time to get used to
  8. that's called novelty, it's new and shiny congrats on getting a mac, and I do hope you'll stay in that spirit
  9. Beta software isn't supposed to be a trial or a way to get first impressions, it's a way to help devs discover/fix bugs. you have some crashes? nice, you will be able to help. if you downloaded this thinking: nice, I can finally try it out and make it my fav. browser, you're out of luck.
  10. it really ain't stable enough but damn...Safari, finally!
  11. Ghil


    herr...if you can run Vista with Aero perfectly, you won't have any problem running Switcher. taken from the official site: Requirements * Windows Vista * Aero enabled ^^
  12. Ghil


    basically, yes. it just rearranges them in another way than Exposé, but it's really just the same thing ^^
  13. We are finally getting somewhere! that episode was nice, and there's only 3 episodes to go if I remember right.
  14. Yes, you have to put the style folder in the ressources folder.
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