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  1. I've been waiting for this set to be released since it was announced. I have 2 comments on the release Too bad it doesnt have all icon sizes inside(only 128 and other 3) so i had to recreate them with icon worskshop. 2nd, Theres no ipod mini in the ipod icons :@ Awesome release. starting to replace my icons. btw, have you seen WHITE and CALABI sets?
  2. I tried InterVideo DVD Copy, it will let you to copy your dvds to VCD, other DVD. SVCD or DivX. However something you should do before copying DVDs is to copy them to your HD with an application called DVD Decripter which will copy all the disc, about 8gb to your HD and then you can convert it, because getting it from the Drive will affect it and you will have some trouble with the Drive Locks. Good Luck
  3. Thanks people for the output I was really thinking in getting it, but I think it is too much money since for the exact cash I could replace my motherboard for a better one with an integrated nVidia gForce 4, and some clain it can share up to 128mb. I would really like to get it to play better, but I better keep saving cash for in 1 year or so, update the motherboard of my computer and the graphics card too. This thread helped me to see about this, so next time I will now how to choose. I had in my plans to upgrade all my computer in a year or so. thanks a lot for the feedback and hope this th
  4. Im alittle confused about the MicroATX or ATX power supply, since my case is MicroATX, I thought my PSU was also mATX, but I measured it and has this measures 14cm X 15cm X 8.5cm and according to a store who sells a ATX PSU have this measures. I havent measured the other of an old computer which as ATX. It is 250w, so you say that your system supports it having 200w PSU? That sounds great. The brand of my current PSU is BESTEC model says ATX-250-12E Rev P6, I had no luck getting information about this PSU, ill try to look for more, but are you sure that having 200w is enough for your system?
  5. I was looking for something like that, however it says that my actual needs are 220, which are acceptable for my current needs, but If I add the card I desire, it says I need 279, which exceeds waht my system can actually support. Im gonna look for more information, I emailed ATI support but they repleid me automated stuff which wont even help me. Im gonna try to look more specifcly to my current pontence needs. Thanks for the link.
  6. Thanks for the answers, as I said my case is microATX, so I think that my power supply too, it should be smaller. I live in Mexico, so I cant really buy those parts from foreing stores, plus they dont send electronics/computer parts out of their country. I woudl really like to get this card, but I dont want to ruin my powersupply or even worst my computer. So Sebek, you recommend me to get something more potent? I will try to see if I can find some microATX power supplyies arround here, but I really doubt it. Also, on ATI webpage it says for more powerfull models like 9600, 9800 to have atlea
  7. Damn, this thread is about to get one year old, and still has active posting. And probably the most active post of this forum. The thread was created in December 28 2002.
  8. All I have attached as PCI card is a not working/unconfigure Modem, which I will detach later. A CDRW Drive, a DVD Drive, Floppy. The Motherboard has 6 USB 2.0 ports, lan, sound, and a crappy S3 ProSavageDDR as graphics card. Plus the normal ports(printing, serial, etc.)
  9. I wanted to buy a Radeon 9200 since it is relativly cheap, however I'm not sure about my powersource it is 250w and my other specs are AMD Athlon XP 2200+ and 256mb Ram. I've read in many places about changing them due to the power needed by this cards. However, I am reluctant to change my power source because it is for the Micro ATX Form factor, which arent so common in my area plus I dont want to pay for an extra one. I wanted to know if it is that necesssary and what might happen if I keep the 250 w one? Thanks in advance.
  10. Its awesome, keep up the development. It is an awesome application, probably one of the most functional and usefule aqua apps clone created. Just a question, is it possible to change the language for it?
  11. Im learning Jap at school I know just like 60 kanji and all hiragana, no katakana. I just downloaded this set, and it looks good, I lke the font, where can I get it? Because the windows Font for asiatic languages sucks, it is very pixelated, the Kanjis look way to square on windows system font. Kanji were tought by Chinese to Japanese, that what I understood, they can be understanded by both althoght the pronunciation is different, in nihongo the onyomi reading is the chinise one, and the other is the japanese one, althought they might have the same meaning. I think I will keep learning japa
  12. I believe many can be joined, but not all. also there are a lot of About this mac applications, I see new ones every month.
  13. Lycos.co.uk has a bandwith limit, but Im not sure if they display a 404 rather than a bandwith excedeed message. If some can rehost them it would be greatly appreciated, even on another free host, just to have 2 mirrors.
  14. the tray icon does a great job, but I'm still waiting for the ObjectDock Docklet.
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