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  1. i mean specificaly that microsoft thing that they have on windows. there you see not pixelated type but more smoother type but it's pretty different from the one that's in photoshop - that looks more like clear type or (whatever they call it) on Mac OS. i'm looking for the recreating of that micrsoft thing because as far as i know much more users are using windows now than any othr system Edit: and i'm using LCD display on notebook but i don't think it matters that much
  2. i'm using photshop cs2 but there's nothing that looks like clear-type.. every ps character option has too much antialiasing and it doesnt look like when you have some text in mozilla or explorer. but thanks anyway
  3. hello everybody i would like to ask if there's a possibility of creating a windows clear-type effect in photoshop (or illustrator). since i'm using it also for webdvelopment those fonts just don't look right. thanks for any help or advice. ps. sorry for my bad english but i'm not native
  4. http://inventive.us/iClip/ - this is the program...
  5. hello everybody sorry to bother you but could you please be so kind and help me out in this... ive seen recently on some site that there is a mac program called iclip... i liked it functionaly so my question is - is there something like that for windows xp ? mac look is not necessary all i need is if there is somewhere program which is able to do something ike iclip does... thanks.
  6. hello please would any of you be so nice and try to make this icon as transparent 128x128 png ? thanks in advance
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