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  1. You both helped me on this I commented out the return and I used "//xml//restuls//array" and now I get all the results. So simple. Thank a ton guys.
  2. I have a problem. I want to retrieve all the title attributes from the [array key] node You can view the XML here http://api.ustream.tv/xml/user/socaldavis/...7fescmekvx35f3q The method I have below is only returning on value. When I know there are three! Can anyone help me with this? I am not all that good with XPath Syntext. public string GetChannelList() { XmlDocument xdoc = new XmlDocument(); xdoc.Load("http://api.ustream.tv/xml/user/socaldavis/listAllChannels?key=kdbkes7hh7fescmekvx35f3q"); XmlElement root = xdoc.DocumentElement; //I do this because using "array key
  3. Yea I want to know all windows using it.
  4. sounds too complicated. but i have to do it.
  5. No problem. I want to be able to detect and list all applications actively running that is hooked into DirectX
  6. http://virscan.org/report/8c5ef4d78ea7d6d3...55fde784c2.html Looks like maybe something attacked the server? I have the source code if anyone wants it.
  7. It's open-source, I'm sure there was no virus attached when uploaded. This project was abandoned a loooong time ago. I guess I could pick it back up.
  8. I was wondering if anyone would have ideas on how to detect what processes are hooked to DirectX/Direct3D. Any help/ideas would be wonderful. Thanks.
  9. http://lifeofajackass.com you can check there for examples and past work. I am very fluent in C#. What do you have in mind? [email protected] is my email.
  10. Good work on this site man. Keep up the promising idea. I'll spread the word!
  11. I think get rid of the black background or at least make it translucent around 60%. Kinda like Vista's Flip3D.
  12. Private messages didnt transfer over. Not a huge deal for me, but just noticed.
  13. no there are no conflicts that I know besides "getche()" are you using a loop or logical if thats being broken by value returned null?
  14. umm...use hdid in a terminal....try to mount it manually http://developer.apple.com/documentation/D...an8/hdid.8.html theres a link incase you dont know how to use it.. % hdid /home/user/Desktop/file.dmg.....somethings to the liking..
  15. Anyone I missed? 7 pages of request ..it's possible I"ve missed some....there are still 7 people that I"ve invited over the last few days that haven't accpeted it.
  16. I got him fixed up, again...I should charge this guy by the IM"! :-)
  17. Come on people...gota be that rude and change the password? I changed it it's now mysillypc1 Enjoy And people...don't change the password, please!
  18. Yup, and I did as you suggested...but..the search feature don't work on that site..does it belond to you?
  19. no more available? I just logged in and it says 998. Thats strange.... lanboy...you've got Joost edit: you all have invites now..
  20. Each new person should recieve 999......Launch Joost...click on the right...My Joost.....the Invite widget will appear among others...fill it out..and share the love
  21. You people blind? I posted above on how to get an Invite! I just got tired of loging into Joost 100 times a day.. I have several thousand from different accounts....use the account i posted above. I've given over 60 invites to members just on this forum...and only 1 maybe 2 have shared some of there 999 invites. People are very inconsiderate and greedy. What the heck are you going to do with 999 invites?
  22. Ok, so I don't have to log into Joost every 5 minutes.. Go to www.joost.com login mysillypc - user mysillypc - password Download it...install it...and log in.....invite yourself..or use that login... Enjoy! Oh yea.....to log out of Joost's Application poen a console... cd / cd progra~1 cd joost xulrunnertvprunner.exe application.ini -p delete the profile shown....and uncheck "Don't ask at startup" Close that and reopend Joost...you can now log in as your new ID....if you use that info above....
  23. ok,,....i've double checkd and ALL pending request have been filled. Enjoy :-) (That means, you all got your Joost invites. btw...incase anyone else was wondering, I'm also known as Boog on a ton of sites...so if your invite comes from Boog...thats me too. :-)
  24. One of my member over on mysillypc requested a lightwieght application that will load perpixel png's and allow you to move them around the desktop. I coded that up for them. Then I decided to take it a little further... You can check it out over at mspc This is something like AveDesk, Yahoo Widgets and the like...except you can load over 200 of my icons an barely touch the 2mb mark for system consumption.
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