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  1. You both helped me on this I commented out the return and I used "//xml//restuls//array" and now I get all the results. So simple. Thank a ton guys.
  2. I have a problem. I want to retrieve all the title attributes from the [array key] node You can view the XML here http://api.ustream.tv/xml/user/socaldavis/...7fescmekvx35f3q The method I have below is only returning on value. When I know there are three! Can anyone help me with this? I am not all that good with XPath Syntext. public string GetChannelList() { XmlDocument xdoc = new XmlDocument(); xdoc.Load("http://api.ustream.tv/xml/user/socaldavis/listAllChannels?key=kdbkes7hh7fescmekvx35f3q"); XmlElement root = xdoc.DocumentElement; //I do this because using "array key
  3. Yea I want to know all windows using it.
  4. sounds too complicated. but i have to do it.
  5. No problem. I want to be able to detect and list all applications actively running that is hooked into DirectX
  6. http://virscan.org/report/8c5ef4d78ea7d6d3...55fde784c2.html Looks like maybe something attacked the server? I have the source code if anyone wants it.
  7. It's open-source, I'm sure there was no virus attached when uploaded. This project was abandoned a loooong time ago. I guess I could pick it back up.
  8. I was wondering if anyone would have ideas on how to detect what processes are hooked to DirectX/Direct3D. Any help/ideas would be wonderful. Thanks.
  9. http://lifeofajackass.com you can check there for examples and past work. I am very fluent in C#. What do you have in mind? [email protected] is my email.
  10. Good work on this site man. Keep up the promising idea. I'll spread the word!
  11. I think get rid of the black background or at least make it translucent around 60%. Kinda like Vista's Flip3D.
  12. Private messages didnt transfer over. Not a huge deal for me, but just noticed.
  13. no there are no conflicts that I know besides "getche()" are you using a loop or logical if thats being broken by value returned null?
  14. umm...use hdid in a terminal....try to mount it manually http://developer.apple.com/documentation/D...an8/hdid.8.html theres a link incase you dont know how to use it.. % hdid /home/user/Desktop/file.dmg.....somethings to the liking..
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