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  1. You could always go the slow way and copy the icon you want to use and paste it in the "Get Info" window of the icon you want to change. Just highlight the top icon in the get info window and paste the icon of your choice. Slow and tedious, but free.
  2. here's the link to FinderIcon's site, It's from a company called pixture studio. They have some other cool context menu things like QuickImage. Just take a look at their stuff and you'll see.
  3. You can also use this little program FinderIconCM. It lets you right click (control click) on icons, save them to a "stock" or copy and paste them to the icon you want to change. I use that in conjunction with candybar to make quick changes to folder icons once i have created them.
  4. I totally agree with Mirror's last post. This magnificent piece of software has made me dump my other docks and switch over to this one. Anything you do to this dock is just icing on an already superb cake. Thanks a whole lot for this. Dig it.
  5. This is great, I use this function on windowshade x on my mac at work. I'm glad your trying to make this happen for us all on PC's. I've been using madotate for this, but the window does'nt get small enough when it's set back in 3D mode. Thanks for making an attempt at this, and a damn good one at that. Dig it.
  6. The text area flashes periodically as it sits on the desktop even when it has not been touched for a while. the opacity sometimes does not come back to 100% after flipping back around or sometimes when opening the widget from the get go. If I flip it back and forth, it seems to correct itself after awhile. I agree, the 2.5 inches thing is weird, it seems like it is bumping into something, when nothing is there. I still say great job on this widget, it looks and works great on my home PC.
  7. I am using this on my home PC, and it is beautiful, on the mac here at work, the only issue i can really see is that the text field from the back of the widget flashes while the widget is facing forward. The opacity is also a little screwy every once in a while also on the mac. And one last thing on the mac, it doesn't let you move the widget closer than 2.5 inches to the top of the screen, it's like it hits an invisible ceiling. Though on my PC it is great. Great job with this, hopefully I'll be able to use it on my mac at work soon, if not, no big deal. Thanks for all the hard work. I'll
  8. All I want to say is thanks for this wonderful application. I am an audio engineer, and this makes searching for the right sample and audio edit out of thousands of them quick and easy. It looks damn good while it does it also! Incredible work on this prog, it worked for me first try after install. I installed Build 18 and had no issues whatsoever with the program. Thanks for this great work you did. dig it.
  9. If someone could figure out how to make the windows "go further back" in madotate, it provides a similar function, if you don't change the angle of the window when sending it into 3d mode. The window size when in 3d mode is still a bit big to use in this situation, but I have been using that until this app is finished. If I knew how to make the 3d "far away" smaller, it would be ideal, and act similar to this visually. can't see why i am rambling on about this, but i love the way that windowshade x does it on my mac at work. hope that this can be released, i would dig it.
  10. I've PM'd a couple of members for this and have gotten no reply. hopefully someone will have it soon. I'd like to check it out also.
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