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  1. i use to be until i saw this thread, lol anthem is a bit to much:P
  2. PS3 off course, but like a few others ill wait a few months fo the price to come down, also if i bought it in march i would definately fail my exams in may.
  3. ne1 leme know where i can get styler the main site dont seem to be working. thx
  4. dat bmw is the best car so far
  5. i disagree with neal i bought a netgear wireless router last febuary n it has never disappointed me, it supplys the internet to another pc and a laptop at all times with no problems n its really easy to setup, plus it looks really cool
  6. lol some how i dont think hes listening, maby reading.
  7. what a strange release, lol.
  8. myles


    66 icons were extracted for me
  9. this is great, thx for all ur hard work
  10. i have a mac but i also use my win xp pc often and im looking forward for ur opinions to change with the release of longhorn next year.
  11. o wow a great new british band, man am i glad i looked at dis post, o i am being sarcastic
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