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  1. No problem... that I can handle myself... I have got myself a HiPhone this weekend, and I needed to modify the wallpaper to get the glasseffect around the Desktop-clock... Otherwise it´s a really neat phone for a lot less money. Thank You, once again! Mange, Sweden
  2. Hi everybody! I´m looking for a resource. It´s a .png like the one behind the iPhone Desktop Clock. Just like the original... glasslike, greyish and transparent. Can anyone assist? Take a look at the sceenshot and see what I mean. The size to prefeer is 360x110... Thanx Mange [email protected]
  3. Thanx mate.... I just wanted to make sure so that no one gets offended. I use Resource Tuner to extract files... however I can only find the *.exe icon in Your ATM. Any suggestions how to extract the resources? Mange
  4. Ah...man... perfect. Is it OK if I use the resources to skin ChaosAbout 100 ? All credits to You ofcourse... Mange, Sweden
  5. I have seen several screens, from both genuine Leopard and Windows, an "about this mac" that is black with white fonts and a silver apple... The only ones I can find are the Leopard or Tiger-style ones... I searched my a** of to find a Quicklook-skin for AvePreview... I hope I don´t have to do that for this baby too... Anyone who can point me in the right direction? Mange
  6. I kind of figured that... the question is if I can change that font by editing my userchrome.css? Mange
  7. I have searched for a fix to this but I cant find it... can anyone help me? I have found a perfect font for my system and I have changed both Windowblinds (entire system) and my Firefox fonts... It became really really nice... However as you can see in the enclosed pic I cant change the two fields in Firefox... Is there anyway to change this? There must be a code to put in userChrome.css that changes these fonts? All other fonts in Thunderbird has changed through Windowblinds... these two remains. Please help Mange
  8. The long long code goes into google.xml in c:program filesmozilla firefoxsearchplugins... Open it with a texteditor or XML editor... remove the code between and .... copy the code above and paste it between there instead. Save it and then restart Firefox. Mange
  9. Back to the thread... I opened Google.xml and removed the lines between "***removed all this**** and replaced it with a rally long code that I found on Stylish... it replaces the icon with the new G for google... looks better but I would rather remove it. Any idea how to make a better code? The one I got followes below... it´s really long... Mange  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAC1tbUFHBwcFQAAABoAAAAaAAAAFgAAAA8AAAAWBAAAGwIAABoAAAAXAAAAGQAAABkAA AAaAAAAGg0NDRiOjo4JJiYmDwAAABQAAAATAAAADQwCAR1YFRB4nCsqua0yLMSbLCyxYxo
  10. Well, yes I did. As I replied: I DID get the Search Provider Icon to disappear but so did the rounded corners and the magnifing-glass on the right... I tried several combinations but no one did the job. I believe I have seen somewhere a code that can be loaded into Stylish... the code is really really long and moves the magnifiingglass (go-button) to the left and leaves the rounded corners alone. It also removes the big ugly G (google). I have actually tried to open the .xml file and hoping to find something there to lead me in the right direction... but no. Any other ideas? Mange
  11. Nope... didn´t work. It did remove the Search Provider Icon but also the rounded corner in the searchbar. I use iFox Metal for Firefox 3.02... Any other ideas? Manneman
  12. Take a look at Stylish... i believe there is a code for that...
  13. Hi everybody! Just as the title says... I want to get rid of the Search Provider Icon in Firefox 3. I have searched all over but I can´t find anything. I have also tried Stylish but can´t find anythin there either. Has anyone got any ideas how to make this happen? Best Regards Mange, Sweden
  14. Can anyone help me with a .png that resembles the blue color in leopard for fission in firefox? I currently use the Aqua-blue, but would really like to top of my leopard overhauling...:-) Best Regards Mange, Sweden
  15. I really second that request... I usually mod my OSX logon to fit my wallpaper, but then I have seen this. Is there anyone that has the "Know-how" to make this, with one of the buttons to function as a "shutdownbutton"...? http://img79.imageshack.us/my.php?image=lo...indowgc1uk8.jpg Mange
  16. Well, I can only speak for myself... I did just that and it worked for me.... Really sorry if that didn´t work for You. I just followed the instructions above. Manneman
  17. Follow the link: http://software.hixie.ch/utilities/cgi/data/data Browse for your image to use and click OK. Copy the very long path and paste it as shown in the posts above. Just find out exactly where it´s supposed to be. After that it will work M
  18. Yepp... I made it... I used the URL > URI converter and the icon is now to my liking. Thanks a million for all the help!!! Best regards!!! Mange
  19. Ok... this is how my "google.xml" looks like... <SearchPlugin xmlns="http://www.mozilla.org/2006/browser/search/"> <ShortName>Google</ShortName> <Description>Google Search</Description> <InputEncoding>UTF-8</InputEncoding> <Image width="16" height="16"> qhMzuhY/vxw4tSgmiyM1mSUztiQ6sTE3sQ4qyxMxxRoyxiAuxR1CtBxJsBxasSJuuTFguBte0Rlf2xVc9h9W9xVj zxVr0gdj6BRh4R1o5yBcyiZbyydT1i9b2Ddb1iFY6CJg2Vpor1dzvEJu20Z0yi23QDy1REi2OUy0O1WzO VC4PU+tVUe5Sk2xQU2zRUO
  20. Nope, sorry... There is no such line in my searchplugin. I have read some mods on this forum, but they seem to be issuing skins that has been made for FF 1.5 and then upgraded to FF2. I use the latest FF with the Vitae-skin found on Deviantart. Any other ideas? Mange
  21. Changing the Googleicon or whatever in FF 1.5 was easy, but how do I do that in FF 2? In the folder "searchplugins" there are just .xml files... Can someone help? Mange
  22. Can it be these you are looking for? http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/46139593/ // Manneman
  23. Can you please give a link to that aquastyle Dashboard icon?.... Best regards Manneman
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