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  1. Your name rings a bell... from a kingdom long past... Kisses and hugs for BH2 and Timan XOX
  2. This is fast becoming like that strange 'epic' thread we had a while ago (epic?)
  3. @ scissorhands7 ... umm what? You want to come out?
  4. Maybe its just because im gay and therefor like men to be men, not tranny women. Im 21. My boy is 18. I work as a graphics designer and have been for two years and have worked with portfolio and web for companies such as Sony Australia and Coffee Club. So I guess it just remains my 'old' opinion; but I personally don't like your sig, I think its a travesty, It breaks every design principal and makes everything difficult to read.
  5. I thought you knew better than to fight fire with fire was all i was saying.
  6. I say your pic and sig are ugly. Im a gay man too, but I think your taste and manner is disgusting. As for you Kaw, I thought you knew better. Seems you've been prowling this wilderness a little too long. What happened to Aquasoft's humanity?... It was civilised and dare I say it, gay friendly when I left. This has gone way off topic and should be closed. Mods?... I know you like watching weeds grow for laughing and entertainment, but its time to pull out the flamethrower.
  7. No, that is not fact, merely your opinion. This is my opinion- As a mac fanatic myself, I have to say Snow Leopard is a largely underwhelming and dare I say it, buggy release (although certainly nothing compared to the atrocity that was Vista). I have remained with it only because it has far better window switching and docking than Leopard. That in itself made it worth my $39 (AUD), but for an OS focusing on optimising its core, it sure does have a fair few kernel panics and applications unexpectedly quitting in contrast to Leopard. That said, a lot has been done under the hood in rela
  8. I feel like I have seen him...but maybe its just one of those 'familiar' faces... kinda creepy. Like whenever I look at paintings by Dali, I feel like Ive been to that place, seen that person or that it conjures some sort of dejavu feeling... its the subconcious- a mixture of things we have seen.
  9. yep. Did it all- reinstall, onyx, removing all the itunes library files and itunes library itself.... quicktime components even. In the end, I reinstalled Snow Leopard. Problem solved in half an hour. I love the SL installer, left virtually everything in place (didn't have to reinstall barely any apps) and yet it fixed my problem!... Do you remember the days when reinstalling as os was a BIG deal, and a numbing and scary experience when it screwed up? Well those days are gone. Thanks Apple. But it does annoy me that I didn't get down to the source of the problem, I like solving these probl
  10. I've deleted itunes, reinstalled. Updated Mac OSX to 10.6.1. Here's a clue When I swap out the itunes music/library folder I am able to open itunes, but not open 'parent controls' in the itunes preferences or import the itunes library file. When I swap my itunes music/library back in, it crashes on startup with a horrible message (theres a few things in there that say kernel which have me freakin out) See if you can make some sense of my error message...
  11. both wired and wireless mouse and keyboard will work with XP. Wired- Plug and play. Wireless- You will need to install the 'bootcamp' drivers for XP. Its been A while since ive done it, and remember there was something else tricky to it, but it can be done. Try giving Apple a call if you have a mac and applecare and just say to them you need help with installing the wireless keyboard and mouse that came with your imac under bootcamp/XP. There are certain keyboard functions (eg- the command button) that wont work wired or wireless until you install those drivers.
  12. The iPhone upgrade is free. its approx 230MB. I see no reason not to upgrade, (unless your iphone is Jailbreaked and u want to keep it that way), its just as stable, fast, etc...but that said.... there's not alot new.
  13. I updated... it gets old pretty quickly; the majority of features I can't/wont use- * bluetooth headphones- I need to buy * spotlight search is... unnecessary I find * Voice memos... who seriously keeps these and doesnt feel like an idiot doing it? * Internet tethering- nice. But most data plans are through the roof in Australia to make this even remotely worthwhile Worthwhile features include- * Landscape keyboard is nice and much needed * Safari improvements... what exactly? ... well i guess if I dont have to type passwords all the time then its handy. * MMS... the most overated and reques
  14. Used to by myspace... in fact when Facebook took off, I was a fanatic about Myspace being better and Facebook being a phase. With customizable profiles and more personality, Myspace was a better way to show one's originality. But then I started using Facebook... Now its all I use. Why? Quite simply, Facebook is more 'social'. It connects people effortlessly and you don't have to have a 'cool' profile in order to be popular. I just wish they'd clean up the annoying Apps... and maybe add some basic profile design customization... Something more like twitter where it still looks professional
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