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  1. I'm a year late responding to your post, but given the state of the site I don't think that's an issue. I just wanted to say I vaguely remember that site. It's so surreal looking at these forums again after so many years.
  2. You're about 1 generation to far there bud. Lol But seriously, you really can't take on the iPod at the height of it's popularity. Sure you may have all the money Microsoft, but you can't take down what the people want.
  3. Xbox360p Remember all those news stories about that guy who takes game consoles and makes them portable? Like the Atari, N64, PSX, PS2, etc. before it, Benjamin Heckendorn he has now taken the Xbox360 and turned it into portable (well, I guess this one would be luggable) independent system that you can use on the go. It's called the Xbox360p. It comes with a 720p Screen, a keyboard, mouse type thing, 3 USB ports, all standard Xbox360 inputs and outputs, standard internals, which will later bypass the "Microsoft SATA Plug" (?), in an entiley custom made, polished/finished/cleaned/bran
  4. The main thing that cought my eye is this And all it needs is a 200-240V AC plugin socket. Which means if I got that mac I would have to use it in place of my dryer!
  5. I've been doing a little experiment with Aero and I finally made a alpha worthy of release. It's called the Vista Glass Suite, and I think it is turning out very nicely. Download @ Deviant Art. Some things that I need to get done-------------------------- -Make sidebar and taskbar themes for different resolutions -Make a vertical taskbar -Make all different colored shellstyles along with an equally colored Start Button -Add support for multiline taskbars -Add a glow on the taskbar buttons for the text -Some other things that I can't think of
  6. Awesome. I knew about Synergy, but not of any of the others. Especally that app menu thing, I hate having to open finder and searching through my apps.
  7. Got it NC. And Astyanax. Where did you get the entire Shinobi Suite? I've been looking for that for AGES. Nice desk BTW.
  8. Finally switched over. Too bad Shapeshifter isn't a universal binary yet.
  9. Beowulf IV Windows XP Pro x64 & OS X86 10.5.5 // Gigabyte K8 Triton Model GA-K8U AMD Athlon 64 3200+ (2.2Ghz) nVidia Personal Cinema Geforce FX 5700 128MB AGP 8x 1024MB PC2700 DDR-SDRAM // DVD Dual Layer +/- RW 16x Onboard AC97 5.1 Surround Sound Audio // Onboard Gigabit Ethernet Hard Drives Moon Man (Boot) 4.5GB 7200RPM - Lonely Ronin (Slow Storage) 72GB 10000RPM Dark Matter (Fast, Main Storage) 115GB 2x 10000RPM RAID - Light Speed (Swap) 10GB 4x 7200RPM RAID The only thing I am proud of on this piece of crap are my hard drives. I'm sure the 10,000RPM would've been enough, but I had to R
  10. 3.982 Even with using the alphabetic keyboard layout. Meh.
  11. Yes, please seek help. Well, I was in school, and bored since I was suspended, so I decided to write up to the largest number I could using binary. I got to around 700, but that really has more to do with being bored than being perfect.
  12. I mean that no one has taken the time to code an alternative to the standard Windows logon. So I can't give you any applications, sorry.
  13. To use two monitors you have to have either two video cards (i.e. 2 PCIe, 2 PCI, 1 APG 1 PCI, etc.) or have a videocard with two heads, which most modren video cards have. Also there is a program called Syngery. It is better than a KVM IMO. You can have multiple machines and different operating systems and have it work as a if you had dual monitors (by being able to move your mouse from one monitor to the next.) It also allows for you to copy somthing from one machine to another through the clipboard, even if it is something like Linux on one machine and Windows on the other.
  14. Wow. I don't know how I even got to this thread. I didn't notice how old it was until you mentioned it. Sorry about that. I'll take whatever punishment is fit for this.
  15. I'd be using 2048x1536 on my PC right now, but my mointor is going out, and it seems whenever you go to a resolution of 1600x1200 or above trying to use a refresh rate over 60Hz, the screen becomes horribly jittery. So I have to recide at 1400x1050. Congrats though! Looks like a sweet monitor.
  16. Beowulf Final 512x AMD Athlon64 FX57 4TiB RAM 15TiB 20x 16000RPM Hard Drive RAID Projector Array with a total resolution of 15360x9600 (147.4 Megapixels) (2 times that of 7680x4800, a.k.a. WHUXGA) As many of NVIDIA's Quadro FX 5500 video cards needed to obtain that resolution OC-768 Internet (40 Gigabits per second) Nice 1970s style stereo speakers. IBM Model M Logitech MX 1000 Wireless Mouse with a backup Optical PS/2 mouse for when I forgot to charge the batteries. Wacom's Cintiq 21UX Mine is outlandish by most standards, but I when I want the bleeding edge of technology, I wil
  17. Kenta

    Minimize appz

    Let me guess, one of these applications would be Firefox, no? Well since not every application is created by one developer using the same programming language and what not, there are going to be conflicts. One of the problems could be that the windows are rendered in a non standard way, which means raduking would have to rewrite RK Launcher to work with it. There are probally other conflicts, but I am no programmer, I just remember reading a topic about Firefox 1.5+ not working.
  18. I recall there being a way to get Media Centre to work on some Media Centreless Vista Builds, so there is a way, but you'd most likely have to buy Windows XP Media Centre, and it would most likely not feature all the deep system hooks that a true Media Centre computer would have. Besides, Media Centre sucks compared to some of the free/opensource Media Centre applications out there.
  19. Currenty impossble without using a 3rd party logon application, which there are none, so I guess you're out of luck.
  20. You could try Serious Samurize, if you are using avedesk to display the icons then you should have no problem at all using samurize, except for resolutions and image scaling, I never really scaled my images in Samurize, so I couldn't tell you how much quanlty is lost by doing so.
  21. Yes. It's working right now for me, but I still have yet to finish all the fonts, so I am just using Cleartype until all I do this to all the main fonts.
  22. This is great tutorial, but I'll just stick with clear type since I can't seem to replace the system fonts (tahoma, arial, verinda, etc.) and since my CRT is a trintron and it handles clear type better than an LCD (IMO)
  23. Click to enlarge. I tired to find a good picture of a 20th Anneversy Mac as another lain reference, but I couldn't find any, so I just went with the iMac. Everything is Smoothstipes, except Locca which is the defualt theme. The wallpaper is just an enlarged Lain wallpaper, and I am using Crni's Smoothstripes Objectbar. The avetunes skin is my favorite. It's Vinyl 2.0 by dpsleep. Seach for it on the forums.
  24. Visual Style -- Jemaho's Vista 1.4 modified using Jemaho's transparent taskbar from Hilled Revisited VS. NFR Wallpaper -- Auroura rips from Vista. Dock -- rk Laumcher Click to view. The numbers in the corner are a clock I made in samurize. I thought having the numbers reflect of the shimy part of the wallpaper would look really nice. I may release it, but I still need to work a lot of bugs out.
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