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  1. coming soon... Yes... I hope to fix that soon thanks for letting me know... I'm aware of the compact menu bug but still not sure what exactly could be causing it no prob -------------------------- request - If anybody has Tiger resources (Extracted in tiff or png format) from tiger guikit or dlta pls PM me thanks (needed for WB port)
  2. updated 21/05/06 *Version 5.1* Window now resizable from titlebar Fixed inactive titlebar buttons and maxcaption bug New progressmeter
  3. OSX TigerV by dobee Version 5.1 (resubmission) About: OSX Tiger theme for OSX and non-OSX users who want the look of OSX on Windows Features: 7 styles to choose from! (Tiger, Pinstripe, Smooth Metal + bonus Milk Glass… plus graphite alternatives) Compact Style without Spotlight 3 font choices… Lucida grande 8, Bold 8 and Bold 7 (Install the fonts included!) Includes: Pixel Perfect Finder OSX Cursors (with inf installation and are applied via the theme files) Tiger wallpaper (applied via the theme files) Icemans OSX Sounds (applied via the theme files) ObjectDock theme package Lucida Grande
  4. I dont seem to have the problem on my pc... have you tested other themes or is it only this theme?
  5. Click preview for fullview VS + toolbar + samurize = Vista royale 1.1 (wip)
  6. I joined back in 2003 as "dartbra" ...I dont know about 2002 but I do remember this site being alot more active back then, Some say the transition from IPB to VB is to blame... but it could also be that macifiying XP is getting a bit old Not the aqua style but the the emulation of apps have been done, and theres not much of OSX left to emulate dock, expose, widgets, etc all been done IMO
  7. Both You'll need the menu maker plugin, for the menu's to work It should be installed by the SAM file
  8. Thanks all for compliments You'll need a firefox theme cause my tabs are meant to be like OSX, and wont be compatible... same goes for scrollbars 1= 0px is not very compatible in XP... captions edges are cut off on some windows, not easily noticed with pinstripe but is with unified themes. 2=Was gonna make it optional... but got lazy 3-iBar update is on its way, based on smooth metal from tiger4 I would but there are already WB Tiger's available, I dont have enough reqests to motivate me and I have not yet purchased WB5 Thanks shmengie
  9. http://www.socksoff.co.uk/walls05.html
  10. hate it! loved it when I was younger but I was an idiot then... rock 4 eva
  11. PM me if you have a question but please dont ask for the VS
  12. I voted C for the same reasons as Levi even though Vista looks like **** it's gonna be great for skinning and it's got alot of cool effects (equal to OSX I think) And cause B Is gonna happen anyway like Timan Said
  13. popup.css under tooltip change background-color: InfoBackground; background: #000000 ; change to colour of choice
  14. Add this under SysMetrics change color of value to desired color
  15. Minor Update Made Graphite caption buttons lighter Tiger Graphite Firefox theme now available (I said a couple of days but It took quicker than I expected) Reload page if you dont see theme Graphite is designed for Xpack Icons I was gonna call it Tiger dark or Xpack but its not that different from graphite anyway BTW its not 100% desaturated I made it about 90% I cant get hold of good OSX Graphite Screenshots
  16. sure give me a couple a days
  17. Thanks Thanks dont know how I missed those themes, I thought it was odd that no one figured out 0px when its so easy guess im not the first then :cool:
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