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  1. Resubmitted, thanks to many requests


    A beautiful VS dobee, thank you.

    However, I am experiencing a couple of issues; namely with Firebird/Thundird options UIs, whereby some of the preferences do not fit inside the interface. Is this expected when using the default Firebird/Thunderbird skins?


    Furthermore, the options interace for Wireless Networking is a little difficult to read (left hand side) - note, I have used FlyAKiteOS v3.5 to patch the interface icons.


    I do hope you can resolve these minor issues with a future release.

    Thanks again!




    I have this problem too. I like the fact that things are larger, menus are more spaced out and so on. But isn't there a way to resize such windows to fit their content?

    You'll need to choose a different font size

    (sorry for the laaaate reply)

  2. Iconfactory didn't create the icon. As well, that 2nd link mentions nothing about them denying they licensed it out. They say right in the little post that the icon was created by Apple.

    Dobbe man, read correctly. In the second link it is clearly stated that iConfactory had nothing to do with the icon in question that it wasn't their creation.

    edited... Should be accurate enough I think

    Visit the Vista page again and look closely at the "Buy Now" button

  3. i would definitely agree with changing it

    it took me by surprise when i first clicked on the apple - it's too chunky and doesn't really take its cues from the rest of the skin [which is fabulous]

    Yeah, I'm changing it... thought it was a cool idea at the time, but I noticed it was kinda weird when I submitted it

    i agree that the titlebar font is a bit too big

    Another is the font size of the window title bars. I think it's a bit too big, many window titles get cut off on the bottom because it's so big.

    K will do...

    Also, windows like the control panel windows look very plain. Like there's no b/g for them and it's just plain.

    I'll look into that...

  4. OSX Leopard Beta by dobee


    • OSX Leopard theme for WindowBlinds with Per-Pixel borders
    • For OSX and non-OSX users who want the look of OSX on Windows


    • 3 styles: Pinstripe, Pinstripe RC (Right caption buttons), and Pinstripe with finder taskbar
    • Includes Per-Pixel borders with shadows and transparent menu's

    Installation Tips (optional)

    • Delete ALL Lucida Grande fonts in the windows fonts folder(don't forget to back them up first) before applying this theme, the fonts needed for this theme will be applied automatically via WindowBlinds.
    • Enable cleartype

    Requests Pending....

    • Unified, Safari, Brushed, and Classic/OS9 styles still to be added...
    • Graphite Versions
    • No spotlight option

    Download @ DA

    ***09/12/06 Bug Test and Request Release(Beta 1)***

    Please report all bugs, requests, likes and dislikes...

  5. @dialupboy - no spotlight version in final

    @buddyd16 - I'll look into this

    @ blaze - fixed ;)

    @kjohnson - [i'm aware of the control panel I'm not sure yet what could be causing it since its an imported shellstyle] EDIT fixed shellstyle

    window rollup is not possible AFAIK using per-pixel borders

    I'll have a look at the others


    @ all who've voted -

    You've voted and shadows and transparency will now be included


  6. dunno if this helps, but, while waiting for a 1.5 compatible version of foxitiger, i was using ifox, which looks fairly similar but doesn't have the compact menu bug. maybe a look at the code...?

    edit: i was just thinking about this. i hope my suggestion isn't presumptuous. like, did i just tell da vinci how to mix colors?

    your perfectly correct that is how I normally troubleshoot a bug,

    but I have a vague idea what could be causing it I just dont have time to figure out/ fix it ATM

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