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  1. I'm using leopard so I can't test it. This theme looks good, would have liked to have tested it.
  2. Resubmitted, thanks to many requests Download You'll need to choose a different font size (sorry for the laaaate reply)
  3. I'm pretty sure its OSX's... cant find a similar Vista Icon
  4. edited... Should be accurate enough I think Visit the Vista page again and look closely at the "Buy Now" button
  5. Read this: Microsoft Rips Off Apple’s Workgroup Manager Icon Confirmed: "We had nothing to do with the icon in question"
  6. Looks like I might have to start a whole new theme... Yeah, it was a bad idea (read earlier post)... LOL @ avatar
  7. Yeah, I'm changing it... thought it was a cool idea at the time, but I noticed it was kinda weird when I submitted it K will do... I'll look into that...
  8. Thanks guys... I'm not so sure about the brushed metal strip with the log out buttons on the start menu... It might work with the brushed style but i'm thinking of changing it any suggestions?
  9. OSX Leopard Beta by dobee About OSX Leopard theme for WindowBlinds with Per-Pixel borders For OSX and non-OSX users who want the look of OSX on Windows Features 3 styles: Pinstripe, Pinstripe RC (Right caption buttons), and Pinstripe with finder taskbar Includes Per-Pixel borders with shadows and transparent menu's Installation Tips (optional) Delete ALL Lucida Grande fonts in the windows fonts folder(don't forget to back them up first) before applying this theme, the fonts needed for this theme will be applied automatically via WindowBlinds. Enable cleartype Requests Pending.... U
  10. ^ thanks blazingflamer and all who've been waiting patiently now... like I mentioned before, Tiger V beta has been discontinued, and will be OSX Leopard beta here's a preview u can try out for now... http://amd.streamload.com/d0b33/Hosted/OSX_leopard_beta.zip it still needs work, but basically its Tiger V with shadows, I'll release the official leopard beta in a new thread cheers dobee
  11. Sorry to keep you waiting... Im still rather busy ATM I have not forgotten about the theme, It's rather difficult to make an OSX port without OSX but dont worry guys, I'll get it done
  12. later this month... no promises
  13. current ones will be redundant as soon as firefox 2 is released don't know if I'll update them
  14. we'll I quess in the interest of competion(no more like variety) I'll keep workin on it Not sure bout the res but when I release the next beta you'll be able to test it maybe
  15. Yeah I know... I have no yet tried BLITZR`s though, If BLITZR`s is good enough I wont need to make my version
  16. you are correct crucius... I am busy ATM But osx tiger V beta will now be osx leopard beta... thats the next release and will have shadows etc. cheers
  17. Update Beta1.1 Fixed all mentioned bugs and added few requests I've been busy so progress has been slow If I've missed any bugs let me know Shadows will be added in next update, I just need accurate shadow settings for Photoshop
  18. Hi Yoodle It's because I used a transparent PNG and Visual styles don't support PNG's too we'll I was gonna update It with magic pink, but I'm working on other projects ATM If I decide on updating (Gel XP 3 maybe) i'll fix it
  19. @dialupboy - no spotlight version in final @buddyd16 - I'll look into this @ blaze - fixed @kjohnson - [i'm aware of the control panel I'm not sure yet what could be causing it since its an imported shellstyle] EDIT fixed shellstyle window rollup is not possible AFAIK using per-pixel borders I'll have a look at the others @ all who've voted - You've voted and shadows and transparency will now be included
  20. @Slewed+CodF4ther - Theres no shadows yet vote if you would like them @deviljin - In the final maybe
  21. only Pinstripe has a right shellstyle just replace the shell of the left sided one's with Pinstripe's shell Windowblinds Version Released
  22. your perfectly correct that is how I normally troubleshoot a bug, but I have a vague idea what could be causing it I just dont have time to figure out/ fix it ATM
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