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  1. Pardon me, I didn't see this problem mentioned anywhere else and figured I'd ask about it here. The theme is absolutely stunning visually, but the buttons and address bar don't seem to work for me -- clicking on "Back"/"Forward" etc., or trying to type an address manually, yields no productive result. Currently testing on XP Pro with IE 6.0 SP2 6.0.2900.2180, 512Mb RAM on a P4/2.6GHz. Any thoughts/sanity checks that anyone can offer would be appreciated. If I'm being incredibly stupid and missing something obvious, please feel free to tell me so.
  2. Hmm. Having trouble on my end with it. Install was successful, I can initiate the search, but always get 'No Results Found' regardless of search item. Verified that the search URL was correct by cutting and pasting it directly into my browser, which worked. GDS is installed and running correctly. Any thoughts, friends? Apologies for the trouble, just curious and interested in getting this wonderful, promising little application working. My thanks for your time and thought.
  3. It's true, CMD doesn't seem to want to skin. I'm using Console for that, myself. Hope it helps?
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