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  1. Good show, Mr. Llama... your best one ever
  2. Looks great, although I don't know how many people need that information really (I would normall just glance at the weather number and that's it, don't know about others though), but it's still cool Use something like http://www.yousendit.com to upload the file. It's not the best, but it works!
  3. Nice work, me friend I'm with g8trtim on this on, though... does your website really have to be there? If I were to use that wallpaper I would surely take that out with Photoshop first Oh and there is a big lack of AA on that picture frame looking thing.
  4. Could you link me to the first wallpaper on the second row in that folder in the screenshot? Thanks
  5. Yeah, pretty sure he does. Even if you don't use widgets, the PidlShortcut desklet will help improve the icons on your desktop. I'm on MSN... where be you?
  6. I haven't tried Konfabulator (which is now Yahoo Widgets, isn't it?), but AveDesk, especially v1.3, is really easy to organize and it shouldn't get messy. It's better than ever - you should try it out.
  7. Do you use OSx86? I only ask because I noticed your screenshots are a little fuzzy and you have it bookmarked. If so, how'd you bump up your resolution?
  8. I saw one where this baby had about a month to live and the mother just wanted him to know who the father was. The guy they tested turned out to not be the father and he started dancing and hooting. How do they find these people
  9. Okay, thanks I understand it now Is there a check box feature for AveScripter?
  10. Nah I don't know what the hell was going on, but reinstalling fixed it.
  11. I tried loading clist_nicer and that wouldn't work either... I guess I'll reinstall Miranda. EDIT: Yeah... that worked
  12. Miranda won't start up when I do that
  13. Nice! I prefer it over the default one Thanks
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