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  1. Very impressive my friend!!! I'm sure that you will find the way to apply it both on user switching and VD switching. Keep up the amazing work maan (Y) !
  2. It seems that the windows version (AfterDark) it's disapeared from the servers.... But here the Mac OS X version Flying Toasters screen saver for Mac. Have fun!
  3. In fact there are: "Jenny Piccalo", "Zucchero", "Tiro mancino", "Giorgia", "Articolo 31", "Nomadi", "Litfiba" (old works, not lastes)... Of course, they arn't only lyrics, but good italian artists. Your CV it's very intresting.....I think you'll not have too much problems to find a job in the IT department. Moveover, in Milano, thare are many companies that need a multi-lingual personnel. Only can I say, are some links to job searching comps. (don't worr if theri's sites are still in italian only, ). www.adecco.it www.injob.it www.jobconsulting.it
  4. Wellllllllcome maan!!! I'm from Bologna (about 110 miles from Milano), but sometimes I must go to Milano for work. What can I say about job hunting!?!......Find a job in italy it's much relative to the kind of work do you mean to do, obviously. BTW...good luck and tell me if you need help about italian lang !!!
  5. Wow!! SuperMegaFantastic job my friend....nobody can stop you!!!
  6. New version it's coming soon guys!! I still need some free time to add some little stuff and speed up performance. Until the program it's "under contruction", I'm happy if you can post what you need for this version (hey, be coherent please: it nearly all done, so I'm not sure to accomplish all you need at this time ). So I'll open a new wishlist thread for this. (@Stevie: I dunno if I can open it in this section or Requests section of this subforum , but you can move where you want, of course ) Cheers, buddyes!
  7. What can I say......another damn (and professional) good job by ours admins....thanks guys! Cheers, :cheers: Marco.
  8. ah ah ah!!! Funny crazy coder!! Would you want to buy a new Satellite decoder to watch soccer on TV?!?! P.S.: you must do what you want with your code, man. Keep up your amazing work!
  9. Yes, you can... :naughty: BTW, Stevie: if you're looking to mono, we can chat about it...
  10. weather.com xml service is down . Bye
  11. Yeah, it's obviously: if you will use a framework, the framework will be stored in memory... Since you're a programmer, you would to be more precisest, in front of the technology that you want to use. A good application coded in C# and .net, with many graphical stuff, it would use the same ( o little more ) ram than that one that you've posted (with only a textbox on a form). As you've said, a simple (nothing against, you're all our fuel ) user, would understand that a form with 10 textboxes, will use 64mb of memory, isn't true! So, my friend, be more precise and clear, or your work will
  12. Very good idea! Useful app! Only two suggestions: 1. It would be better if the desktop.ini files, were hidden. 2. It would be if the program will filling automatically the fields if a desktop.ini is already present in the folder. BTW: are just a suggestions....keep living, and do what you want!
  13. What do you mean? For instance: Orbit (by Menge) and PowderCleaner (by me) make heavy use of graphical stuff, but don't take more than the framework requisites... If what you say was true, my program would have to use approximately 196 - 215 mb of ram!
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