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  1. alianyn: I have been away from this forum for some time... POINT IS... This is the greatest most useful app EVERRRRRRRRRRRRR Seriously... I find myself making excuses to open up Explorer now just to use it. It's perfect. THANK YOU
  2. yeah, i've also got this issue but i don't think there is a solution at current
  3. Quintessential is a good player that I used for several years and loved. Slow development pace though. I don't really like how iTunes keeps bulking up, but I'm going to stick with it until I just can't bear it.
  4. your program sounds nice but i use itunes for all my music. only open WMP for video.
  5. neato... not that i have a use for it really, but it's nice!
  6. blankfaze


    tag your threads, please something like: [help] Stardock Central crashes when updating
  7. I use PlasticMod, same as kattenvenne, have for ages, love it.
  8. I didn't like these at first (well, I should say that I thought they were nice but not my style), however, I saw them used in a screenshot and I thought they looked really nice so I tried it on mine and it is now my regular iTunes icon :-)
  9. The jerk is about 3-5 pixels at most, at least on my machine, and has never really bothered me that much. I suppose it is a bug, though. Or an imperfection at least.
  10. the lack of updates disturbs you? haha, well, i'm sure if you are willing to pay raduking a salary so he can devote all his time to developing this app, maybe hire him a modest development staff, he'd be totally happy to get out more updates.
  11. The icons are from the Ethereal set by Capital. The name of the application and suchforth is done with an application called Avedesk. Search for it.
  12. small error, veysadan, no big deal. looks great, kingryu!
  13. nice! i like. i don't use WMP enough to have a real use for it though :-/
  14. Autumnmist: I'm not disputing it, but out of curiousity, what major interface changes were there? I don't really notice anything significant.
  15. killaart: yeah, the link was posted earlier in the thread, silly! http://downloads.mozdev.org/cdn/compact/compact-1.5.xpi
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