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  1. that would be mega tragic, though not quite as bad as that fluttering windows flag.
  2. There is a new book coming from Dan Cederholm soon, you might want to check that out too. Plus, for pure inspiration, get the Zen of CSS design by Dave Shea and Molly Heurzeieuouieoberg(?!).
  3. cheers for taking a look. Im thinking about maybe going for a softer bgakground on the title image, we hsall see. Cheers, Stuart.
  4. Ive just relauched my site over the last couple of days http://www.36-degrees.co.uk The new design has been featured on http://www.stylegala.com and seems to be going down pretty well. Id love to hear some feedback. Cheers.
  5. Check out the stye switcher over at alistapart.com and yes, its a matter of creating multiple stylesheets and whatever media you are going to call from within them.
  6. cheers man. Thanks for listening.
  7. Hey, just a quick update to say weve finally recorded our final version of this song. Its been jazzed up enough I think New link: http://www.icompositions.com/auditorium/sh...php?photo=13604
  8. Cheers for listening, and thanks for your opinions, I agree, the song at this pint is a very early copy, it was written only this afternoon. There is going to be a guitar solo, some vocal harmonies on the chrous and maybe some percussion once we get round to it!
  9. The title says it all really. I recorded a new song with my musical friend earlier today. Im interested to hear opinions. Its called not bad, just ordinary and can be found at: http://www.icompositions.com/auditorium/sh...php?photo=13604 Cheers, Stuart.
  10. I found each and everyone of those (and an well aware of the search function!), but what I need is a replacement file for the icn file in the program package on a mac, not a single png or ico file. cheers.
  11. The default icon for Opera is really horrible. When its in the dock, the way it is constructed with its shadow cast to the left, it makes the icons either side of it seem enequally spaced. So Im after a replacement for the opera.icns file cheers.
  12. if you want to learn hiragana, try using this: http://www.chipchat.com/NihonGo/protect/HiraganaDrill.html however, there is no subsistute for drilling, and actually taking a class. that keyboard looks nasty btw. When I started out learning hiragan, I bought one of these: from: http://www.jlist.com/SEARCH/elecom/1 Its sticky backed, So i have it on the wall by my desk.
  13. I have a 20 inch apple iMac G5. The extra real estate is invaluable when it comes to doing things like music and video editing, plus, im always doing about six things at once, all that extra scren room helps. Plus, it looks awesome
  14. Im pretty sure if you look around you'll find magnus is working on a tiger mail skin for TB.
  15. cheers guys. It was blue until yesterday, the green was a whimsical thing which needs recitfying. Maybe a shade of red would work better. Thanks for looking!
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