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  1. isn´t there any resizing cursor?
  2. Hi people.... I use IEview and I can´t choose a skin when i check "message grouping" in the Options of a template because i always receive an error message: Script error: Row 1 blabla... Somebody has the same error with all skins? thx, bg
  3. hi people, i just installed the miniweathermod, loaded all 3 desklets, configured everything for my feel, loaded the miniweatherswap.vbs in the configs of each desklet, but the swap still doesn´t work. does someone know what my problem could be? here is an essay of the config: ' Make 'A' visible and 'B' invisible: Dim av set av = CreateObject("AveDesk.Application") offLeft = -200 offTop = -200 onLabel="xyzzy" onTop = 0 onLeft = 0 Dim d for each d in av.runningdesklets if d.Label = "miniSmall" Then If d.Left > 0 Then onLeft = d.Left onTop = d.Top d.Left = offLeft d.Top
  4. thank you very much dave double u! BeeIcons is really great!.... best greetings...
  5. the main reason i forgot, why I posted this thread is that I want to save themes with my filetypes: because changing 30 filetypes doesn´t make fun always... hope somebody has another solution...... but thx anyway ArchDevil!
  6. Hi People, maybe this thread was already posted in some kind, but I can´t find anything about that. Does somebody of you know an application which changes the all the icons that you wanted to change for 100%? I did not... The thing is, that I want to change my Drive-, Filetype-Icons without using 10 different applications. (i.e. Active Icons for the Drives) I haven´t found a reliable Program yet for the Filetype-Icons. With IconPackager it is possible to add Filetypes in the Icons & Tab. If I then add all my icons that I chose for each filetype I apply them and the result is that the f
  7. hi peepz, is there a possibility now, to switch between explorer and finderbar view? thx a lot
  8. wohowwwwwwww kav! this is an amazing port! thx a lot in advance!!!!! greetz, nizeace
  9. hi fxb, i saw that you added the tile, fileoptions and search button.... I searched for an option how to add the File Properties and Delete File button? thx a lot in advance, nizeace
  10. hi peepz.......does somebody know where i can find the finderbar.ini so i can save different themes? thx a lot, nizeace
  11. thx a lot!!! that was a clear answer zero_tek....thx
  12. Hi Peepz, is there a alternative for windows of the program Synergy? Where you can go forward, back, play and pause in itunes. is there something for winamp too? thx a lot, nizeace
  13. thx kattenvenne..... i got the avi too..... grüsse aus österreich =)... greetz, nizeace
  14. thx a lot verbalhijacker.....that´s it!!!! greetz, nizeace
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