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  1. unfortunately I'm only a skilled graphic I can do logos, flash animations, players, visual styles and now I'm tryin my powers in designing my forums in phpBB 2 but I want to put the actual weather in Compton under logo looking just like the one on live.com site, small icon + text + temp. Please help, thx in adv. Edit: I want to put this "widget" under my phpBB forums logo. This should be important information, because I don't know can I use xml or smthng.
  2. Yo all my homies over here, I wanna put on my site small live.com-like icon representing actual weather in Compton, CA with small text Compton, CA and temperature in celsius degrees. How I can do that? I want to use pictures like in www.live.com because its good-loking. Plz help.
  3. mmm... ;( I likes much more my own brand new Razer Diamondback mouse. It looks much more "21st century thing" than this one.... mmm....
  4. Thanks for such a big answer. I will answer now for these questions: 1)My harddrive is a gift for 2004 christmas, so its not so old. I haven't any problems with it, don't even dropped it or plugged badly. I have removable drives because PC is used by my father and me. It does not make any noises. Transferring files is really fast. Windows boot in 8-10 seconds... 2)wipe? is this safe? so whats the difference between formatting disk in XP installer and wipe? 3)I think that this problem coudn't be connected with my hard disk... the same problem is on my father's three another hard drives. And o
  5. This couldn't be a problem because everything worked propely before reinstalling Windows. I have one ddr ram in one slot. Any other propositions of help? Please.
  6. Hello there, since june I have some problems with my computer. I formatted the disk, reinstalled Windows XP Proffesionsal Service Pack 2, and my computer stopped reading correctly optical media. Everytime I tried install San Andreas borrowed from my friend, or even my original games during the process of installation appeared communicate that there's a "CRC ERROR", that happens always in *.cab files. I have clean installation of WXP, SP2, nothing else, my PC specifications: AMD Sempron 2,6 GHz (actually working as Athlon with 1,19 GHz because my motherboard doesn't accept him) 512 MB RAM
  7. 1.Europe 2.Poland 3.Warsaw 4.http://image.weather.com/images/sat/europesat_600x405.jpg
  8. I live in Warsaw, Poland so I think it should work propely... maybe really this is a small differences... I don't know.. last night widget was working with some "problems" the temperature was other than in K:2 default one but maybe this are problems with my PC
  9. Small question, does the moon icon is showing actual moon phases for chosen place? Coz' I see differences between default weather widget in K:2 and Dashboard one. If not, plz make it because this is beautfiul function ( so I can check when I have to get out and bay at the moon... )
  10. @xsnrg88: So, you don't had to do nuttin when you bought your Mice? Can it just be connected into PC thru what? you have any bluetooth adapters or somethin? Or, is it also possible to connect Apple USB Mice to PC without any problems/changing cables etc.??? I think that for people who dun' have a Mac and loves Apple most, using Apple Mice for PC is a way to achieve some positive thinking...
  11. I think that first of all, we should concentrate on doing STANDARD widgets clones from Dashboard, becasue this is more important than the rest. We are still waitin' for Weather widget and few others, so please concetrate on standard and then make others. Anyway... CNN widget looks promising. @Pooky: Please don't push our magicians, let they work in calm and funny atmosphere... @Ghostwalker: keep it up. @Saladin: keep all up! Thanks.
  12. It's really great to see! Woahahahaha ! So, now we're ready to have new Dashboard Weather port from Duckie/Ghostwalker or Saladin!
  13. Could you Ghostwalker, my man make in upcoming World Clock ability to spawn it? Thank you Saladin and Ghostwalker for everything!
  14. I think that World Clock should have also option for spawning - then we'll be able to view time in our city and our friends at the same time!
  15. Hey fellas the unit converter is so cool! Now I can live without learnin maths: I have calculator, unit converter... me pc does everything instead me! ;P Is the thesaurus a widget from Dashboard too? If yes, I guess that it shoul has an roll-down list with the found information about word instead browser re-direction. It would be simplier and funnier to use Thanks!
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