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  1. I'd say go for it. It is simpler, easier to use, much faster, and much more aesthetically appealing than ol' XP. I don't regret upgrading and I highly doubt you will.
  2. Very nice theme! Some suggestions I would have for an update would be to adjust the title bar buttons as they're a little too far up and to the left and maybe push the window icon and text a little to the right then it would be damn near perfect!
  3. It's not a Mac. It's warez. /Post removed Unbeliever
  4. It should be an iChat.ivt file, not iChat.html. IVT files are ieview templates. That's why it's not working Try this - http://www.qweedle.com/files/iChat.rar
  5. One of my only gripes with it, there aren't those 1 pixel wide semi-transparent borders around windows like there were on your Tiger V Beta. Another is the font size of the window title bars. I think it's a bit too big, many window titles get cut off on the bottom because it's so big. Also, windows like the control panel windows look very plain. Like there's no b/g for them and it's just plain. Other than that it looks pretty sweet! The start menu looks very nice, and the brushed does seem pretty out of place. @AppleThink The scrollbars look fine to me. If you're talking about the patter
  6. What I've noticed in the new iTunes 7 is the crackling that happens when browsing folders in explorer, or sometimes browsing the web. Also, when adjusting the volume knob, I get a horrible static-y sound unless the volume in iTunes is all the way up. Using the Foobar2000 pasthrough, there is no crackling, sound quality is great, and I can use the iTunes volume control with no problems. Also I can increase the buffer length in foobar to keep music playing without inturruption even while performing CPU intensive tasks. yay for foobar passthrough!
  7. The best feature about iTunes 7 is the gapless playback. It's about time they implemented this long-needed feature! The views are pretty cool, but can get laggy at times. And I get horrible popping sounds sometimes while browsing explorer or performing other tasks while iTunes is playing music. Also, the iPod updater doesn't work for me. I click update and it says "Updating iPod..." for about 5 minutes then I get a message saying that it could not update the ipod. Then I gotta restart iTunes to even get my iPod to show back up in the source list. I guess as of right now, it's just not wor
  8. @kjohnson: I found that happens because transparent menus are included with this release. Turn off menu transparency in Y`z shadow and it should look fine. @shockme17: I've tried setting the fonts but for some reason with this theme the titlebar fonts don't change. So is there anyway to use a different font for the title bars? I've noticed with the big bold Lucida Grande, letters that hang low like "g" or "y" get cut off on the bottom.
  9. Ok check this out! I did some extensive searching and fishing through theme files and I figured out how to use an image for selected items in the Folder pane! Click to enlarge: Just add this to your userChrome.css: /* Use an image for selected items in the Folder pane */ #folderTree treechildren::-moz-tree-row(selected) { background: url("foldertree-selected-unfocused.png") #676767 repeat-x !important; } #folderTree treechildren::-moz-tree-row(selected, focus) { background: url("foldertree-selected-background.png") #225ED0 repeat-x !important; } Then put these two f
  10. Ohhh gotcha! I did that and it worked. Thanks ha I never used Stardock Central before so I had no idea. But I'm not sure I like that Danimator's Tiger skin. It just seems unpolished or something. But it was pretty easy to edit Steve Grenier's platinum skin in SkinStudio to make it borderless.
  11. Very nice! I figured why not, I'll show mine too! haha Oh and check out the borderless WB skin... @j2227 Add this to your userChrome.css /* Use a background image for the toolbars: (Substitute your image file for platinum.bmp) */ toolbar { background-image: url("platinum.bmp") !important; background-color: none !important; } Platinum.bmp
  12. Hmm...I get a 404 error when clicking your link. I'm interested to see what you've done
  13. Hmm....I can't seem to install Danimator's theme either. Even updating to the latest version of WB5 doesn't work. I even e-mail them to get them to send me the latest version, but still no luck. Is there any kind of code in the skin i can edit to allow me to install it?
  14. This looks wonderful! Would it be possible to replace the selection colors with .png's too? Like with the separator, that way we could have the gradient used in selections too. Also, in Steve Greneir's Platinum theme, there's a 1px border...are there any other platinum themes that are borderless? If not, how do you edit the theme file to be borderless?
  15. I've had that same problem, so what I've been doing is just quitting the modded ObjectBar and then loading the actual EXE and making whatever changes I need to, then quitting, and running the modded EXE.
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