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  1. Well being that all has been straightened out brother, I don't see any reason to exchange rude mannered words. Excuse my post for being so defensive, it's just my reflex to jump at people I guess.
  2. Well if you want this to be taken seriously, lets have it taken seriously. My "three word threads" as you like to call them. When have I ever done anything of the sort? If you will, quote some of my famous "three word threads" ...Half way through this post, I got very confused. I thought to myself. Is he talking about me, or is he using the word "vague" as a verb. It's obvious the other members of the board are posting as if he was talking about me. Please clarify. Next off, who are you to judge or to express knowledge of my posts? What do you know about my posting history? I like to think t
  3. Wow, seeing that theme really makes me want to use it, even though I hardly use my computer for anything other than Warcraft anymore. Nice work man!
  4. I would like the port too. Let's get this thread back on track!
  5. Now that WB5 has been officially released, can anyone update us on the matter? As many people know we have some very talented artists here at Aqua-Soft, and I think being this IS Aqua soft, a proper Tiger theme should our point of attention. Aqua is still a beautiful theme. It's like The Beatles or Bob Dylan, no matter what stage in life your personal tastes have taken you, can always go back to it and enjoy it without complaining.
  6. Pandaemas, I don't think you lose your settings or preferences when uninstalling. (like bookmarks and extensions) Can someone tell me honestly, if this firefox release is faster than the older ones? I've been using 1.04 for a long while now, and it is slow as a gosh darn turtle! Also, is Firefox still a memory hog in this release?
  7. Interesting. Thank you for bringing this fine application to my immediate attention.
  8. internet explorer is still a lot more widely used in every part of the world than firefox. I prefer firefox, but it's just so slow and non-responsive.
  9. You can open and edit an xpi file with winRAR, and if you do install it, it will be in: C:Documents and SettingsUSERApplication DataMozillaFirefoxProfilesRANDOM NUMBERSextensionsone of these folders. Mind you "USER" and "RANDOM NUMBERS" will be different on your computer, and once you're in one of those folders find a ".jar" file in a chrome sub-folder. (Which can be edited by winRAR also)
  10. Why not just change a current third party IM program to your needs? Making an IM program from scratch would make a lot more problems than you think.
  11. What are your computer specs? Include OS.
  12. It is very nice Hobbes. I love it. Thank you.
  13. I really don't want to drag this thread out of topic, but switching to another OS isn't as simple as you would have us all believe Mr. shockme17. Obviously most of us here at Aqua-Soft cannot simply get a new computer to support another OS, thus we compensate for the things we don't have with what we do. Windows. Also saying that Microsoft is copying OS X with it's search bar, places bar, or commands isn't out of anger. It's out of the urge to point out obvious irony among a place of friends who share the same love for OS appearance....There's no reason to insult or get angry. And in my op
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