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  1. Well being that all has been straightened out brother, I don't see any reason to exchange rude mannered words. Excuse my post for being so defensive, it's just my reflex to jump at people I guess.
  2. Well if you want this to be taken seriously, lets have it taken seriously. My "three word threads" as you like to call them. When have I ever done anything of the sort? If you will, quote some of my famous "three word threads" ...Half way through this post, I got very confused. I thought to myself. Is he talking about me, or is he using the word "vague" as a verb. It's obvious the other members of the board are posting as if he was talking about me. Please clarify. Next off, who are you to judge or to express knowledge of my posts? What do you know about my posting history? I like to think that I have been an active member of the board for a very long time, and thus I think that I should be respected in the same way. Give my posts some consideration before you bash them into hateful threads such as this one here.
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