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  1. Thanks, all you guys ! Here's wishing all of you the very best !! I'll miss all of you and AS - it's been like a second home to me
  2. Owing to constraints of time and personal reasons, I am leaving the theming community. In practical terms, this translates into no more theming/customisation and very little time online if at all. Unfortunately, this also means that I am resigning from my newsposter's job with a heavy heart. I wish all the best to the new team and hope you have as much fun as I did. To everyone else, thank you for your kind encouragement and generous help over the past few months. More here. PS @ Unbe : Sorry, my first and last thread in GD - couldn't think of anywhere else to post it
  3. Happy birthday, dear fellow old fogey
  4. Glide's back - now I need to sit down for a while
  5. Happy birthday, dude ! Many happy returns to one of the truly nicest ppl I've met online :party:
  6. Nice work, dude ! Edit : Added to FP
  7. Simple and very smooth - good job !
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