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  1. Yes, I am using Intel Integrated graphics. Darn. And it has low video memory (4).
  2. How low? Mine's normally at 1280x1024, but then I lowered it to 1024x768, that seems quite low enough, right? EDIT: I lowered the resolution to 640x480 and recieved the same error.
  3. vertonghen, you need the font Monotype Corsiva. Free download here... http://www.flyerstarter.com/Free-Fonts/M/M...e%20Corsiva.ttf
  4. Dang. No, I've never had any other trouble with other apps related to my video card. What is the minumum requirement for Sinapse v0.1?
  5. Like what kind of processes? I only have AIM, MSN, Apache, and FTP server, a VNC server, and Firefox running. I don't see how any of those could affect Direct3D code. Is it because I have a 4mb video card?
  6. hrg27, I think your problem is that you're not running Windows XP+? I'm not sure of the heirarchy of the Windows, but I thought NT before after XP.
  7. It' an expose clone. And, when I try to run the computer, I get a fatal error.... System information: ------------------- Machine Name: JUSTIN OS Version: Microsoft Windows NT 5.1.2600.0 Service Pack 2 Manufacturer: Intel Corporation Model: Whitney System CR Board System Type: X86-based PC Total RAM: 382MB Processors Count: 1 -Intel Celeron processor at 1000Mhz Bios: PTLTD - 6040000 Current Date/Time: 1/24/2005 7:17:48 AM TimeZone: (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada) Graphic information: -------------------- Device: 0 Name: IntelĀ® 82810 Graphics Controller GDI Name:
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