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  1. png transparency can be supported in internet explorer 6, but it requires a lot of bloated code. check this out - http://koivi.com/ie-png-transparency/
  2. Dark0ne, and 1337Lime.. You do realise, before you two, the last post in this thread was in 2004?
  3. main pc - SEUSS spare pc - PRIMUS 2nd spare pc - MOTOKO 3rd spare pc - GULU router - ICARUS name choices get hard after the first 2 or so..
  4. grab the "iOpera minimalistic" toolbar setup from http://www.demuths.de/iopera/ and the wFFTBrad native skin, press F4 in opera to show the side bar, right click it > customize > "panel placement" select right. hiding the file, edit, view, etc toolbar.. tools > preferences > advanced > shortcuts > keyboard "Edit" > in the search box type "f11" and then it should find "Enable the toolbar | Disable.." edit the shortcut to just have "F11 alt" and then apply, close, etc, then press alt+f11 not much else to it
  5. there aren't really many more opera skin resources than those listed.. the iOpera site is good, i'm personally using the native firefox skin from there (wFFTBrad Native) with a personalised toolbar setup (also originally from the iOpera site, infact) :cool:
  6. css is definately the only way to go, none of that pre-2000 tables nonsense.. i always write my css aimed at opera and then fix for firefox, and IE. makes life so much easier (as there are loads of css hacks you can implement to fix rendering bugs in ff/ie).
  7. looks like a modification of a shellstyle of Stefanka's look at the osx style of royal inspirat, http://www.deviantart.com/view/14893344/ although how its functional in that bister screenshot, i dont know.. parts of that screen look a bit fishy
  8. there is a "GrApple (Brushed)" on arranox's site.. http://aronnax.spymac.com/GrAppleB_1.3.1.jar
  9. uhmm.. wow. is this 2001? im sure you could do better, frogboy
  10. looks nice, blends nicely on the desktop too! thanks
  11. what a lame way to advertise yourself :/
  12. you know, if you want a boost in system peformance, you could ditch wb
  13. looks like a toolwindow button, and youre not going to be able to get to it in skinstudio.. what you could try is reshacking getright, or even see if you can change the size of that roll-up glyph, it might have extra padding to its left
  14. thats because the file is in use, save it elsewhere, then use replacer to replace the original with your modified version Replacer edit: also, yeah if anybody wants to get their browser to look like safari, i strongly reccomend firefox, or opera, for aesthetical reasons, aswell as security i would have to say my explorer window, however, is a lot more minimalistic than most of you without any stupid software, like objectbar, or styler... :
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