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  1. Hi guys, i found this at macthemes but i've no account there to ask. somebody help me find this wallpaper! thank you. >>this wallpaper<<
  2. Nice 1 parry, can you please post the lens icon. tnx
  3. Happy Christmas... Warning: NSFW
  4. yes. k550i is 176x220 im pretty sure it'll work on w810i...
  5. thanks furikuu, ive change everything.... check it out!
  6. TF- i knew it!!! ur so good.. thanks so much! tassol- thats awesome too... ty.
  7. i'll try.... calling mr. laetris, travelfox and bastete...
  8. dodge, ghost... thanks a lot! @ jannie B - ty for the info, do you have that brush icon?
  9. omg! you are really cool zero... thanks so much.
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