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    Never mind...
  2. I've got the installer. You can PM me.
  3. AriX


    It's now http://winxae.cjb.net. Finally I have bandwith!
  4. It works. (It told me I had to type at least 10 letters so I'm typing this)
  5. oh my browser, savanah (technicly IE 6) downloads everything in bitmaps. I guess renaming the file to a PNG does not work. I'll try in Netscape 8 (technicly firefox)
  6. Can you make it transparent?
  7. Actually, I have it too, but I can't find a place to upload things that have enough space.
  8. Here are three of the many walls that come with tiger. They are the actual wallpapers taken from a mac. I found them on spymac but I can't find it again. Tiger Walls
  9. My favorite aqua application is probobly Savanah. P.S. New version (1.0) coming soon. Check aquaxp.com for updates. My favorite free any-kind-of-app is AVG Anti-Virus, a very good free anti-virus app.
  10. AriX


    It's not done yet.
  11. AriX


    I am making an aqua emulation site called WinX. Hopefully I will get the domain name winx.com soon, but for now it's at http://www.geocities.com/aquawinx/.
  12. Look here: http://aquaxp.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=6073
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