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  1. Happy to see everyone stopping by to say hi... including the OSX-E gang 😊 Hi Alang! Hi Ghostwalker! Hi Khalua! Highly agree with everyone here, it's weird to check into these places where I spent so much time as a kid. I hope life is treating all of you well! If anyone wants to keep in touch, I'm on Twitter @AriX.
  2. Huh? Apple introduces new iPod updates once a year, EVERY year since 2005. It's always in September, and it will be again this year. No one was expecting an iPod touch update at WWDC...
  3. Oooh. Could I use this icon in the next version of iJailBreak? EDIT: Actually, I like the iPhone one better... What about that one You'd get credit of course
  4. Pretty much... Although I haven't talked to AppleG5 lately.
  5. I really hope that Aqua-Emulation comes back... But somehow, I don't think it will ever be as big as it used to. Aqua-Gero may be coming back though... with a completely new focus.
  6. I don't hang here anymore, (I never posted much), and I'm not that old, but I suppose I am one of the older ones around here. This is now my main A-S account, but I used to use ariw2003net, which you can find at http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/member.php?u=20664. I joined with that account in October of 2004, which means that I registered when I was 9 (I am 12).
  7. Hey, I'd just like to tell you about a design company I work at, called SquareMint, at squaremint.com. We offer many different types of design and hosting, which you can see on our Services page. If you want to order something, unfortunately you will have to use the contact us form until we get a better ordering system online.
  8. Aqua-Emulation is dead... If anyone has noticed (of course no one), Aqua-Gero has recently been taken online, and may not be up again. We had a semi-active community, and a relatively popular downloads section, but as people lost interest in making PCs look like a Mac... It slowly went down the drain. Also, OSX-E's forums are going down, because no one posted anymore. The only reason Aqua-Soft is still thriving is because it's community isn't reliant on Aqua-Emulation, rather it is reliant on all Mac and computer general topics. So there's my opinion
  9. Nope... I'm 12 (That means I came here when I was 10; I accidentally have two accounts, ariw2003net and AriX, and ariw2003net was registered in November 2004)
  10. For quite a while we at theAmazon have been working on Mission 1 of our own MacHeist Clone. Mission 1 launched a few days ago; it lasts for a week. You can do it at http://whatistheamazon.com/. Mission 2 will launch two weeks after mission 1 ends. There ARE free prizes for everyone so check it out! At the end we will also randomly be giving out some prizes, the priciest one costs $150, but there are a lot of other expensive prizes too!
  11. Wow this is awesome! Can't wait!
  12. Hey guys, I've had Leopard for a while and I decided to make videos of some of the new functions. I've uploaded two so far, and now I gotta make new ones... You can check them out, rate them, make comments on them etc on my channel at http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=ariw2003net. Also, you can visit the site at http://aqua-gero.com/leopard/ Hope you enjoy them! If people are wondering about Leopard, please spread the word via IM or forum or word of mouth or whatever. Thanks!
  13. What's the difference beetween a Leopard skin and a Tiger skin? Just the wallpapers? There isn't even a Leopard wallpaper yet...
  14. lol I KNEW that would happen. I thought that when you made the function it would be obvious enough, but I didn't want to post it here, in case anyone took advantage of it. In fact, no offence, but I thought it was obvious enough that you would have realized it a long time before it happened, I did. Now my files are gone I'll get Keripo to reupload them.
  15. I'm gonna try this out. Looks pretty cool :wink: WAIT! FLASHBACK!!! Check your PM's please!
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