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  1. Keep-alive should have priority setting available, if you don't mind..
  2. It would be great to have ability to assign hotkeys to deskets - for example, when i need to use calculator, i do not want to activate showcase to reach it, but to push the button and have calc on top of all windows.
  3. Documentation would be great, yeah =)
  4. Suitcase is much better than ATM, chek it out =)
  5. I have seen the last beta you've done, with flashplayer (with asteroids game), and that's why i have such request =) If you tell me, how do you load flash into the desklet, i can tell you, what approach will be easier to implement. And, perhaps, i can help you with this part of coding, if you don't mind.
  6. Ability to communicate between flash and desklet script would be great. I mean - when in browser window, flash can execute js functions, declared in html, so it could be extremely useful to do such things in AveScripter. I'm even ready to pay for this feature, because it's the only thing i need to create loads of useful widgets (i'm bored with pixel-soup xml skinning).
  7. The sad thing is that none of existing GUIs is perfect, but developers have to care about people who had used them for ever, so all we can get is "better-painted crap with bells and whistles". In fact, do one really need to know a thing about files, folders, and other? iTunesPicassa approach is the best that one can get now.
  8. As far as i'm aware, it's the new conception of GUI - What You Get Is What You See, not the "old-fashioned" WYSIWYG. I've just read this, and absence of menus clearly belongs to the issue. It's funny, because while i was looking at all the vista-shots and vista-inspired themes i've never thought like "where's my menus, dude?". In fact, i almost never use explorer menus, when things are settled and solid. I think, all of the menus can be replaced by 'clever', context-sensitive toolbar.
  9. i hate to bump threads, but the link is down
  10. Is it possible to add unicode functionality? It's not possible now to search anything in russian, for example.
  11. Tom, thanks a lot, build 4 works fine, though GDS didn't manage to finish indexing yet. No problems with getting results in "unsupported" Opera8. I can host the distributive, if you want, my bandwidth is unlimited.
  12. I'd love to try it, but even Replacer fail to replace the .dll file. Any other methods? =)
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