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  1. What kind of soundcard do you have? You can't do it through iTunes (there isn't a plug in for it that I know of), but you may be able to do it in hardware. I can with my soundcard.
  2. God I love that sound.....to me it's much more soothing than the Windows startup sound.
  3. EditPlus also works really well, if I'm not already slogging through design in Dreamweaver. If I am, then DW works.
  4. EDIT: N/M my cookies needed fixing.
  5. Damn, if only it was a few months ago. I had all of the Panther GUI resources already pulled and saved in all of their states in TIFF format. I had hoped that I did not delete them already, but it seems I have. It's unfortunate....it would've saved you guys a lot of time. However I DO have all of the Safari resources pulled and in TIFF format still on my HDD. If you want them, shoot me an email and I'll provide them.
  6. Funny...My tabs are 'broken' as well, but I don't have that option in TBE settings. EDIT: Nevermind. That was wierd. My TBE prefs didn't have the option for 'Use another appearance for Firefox on Mac OSX'. So I figured I'd live with bad tabs until someone came up with another solution. Then for something completely different, I replaced the classic.jar again (even though I had already replaced it once), and suddenly I have that option in TBE now. Wierd.
  7. Such is the life of a software consumer. It's unfortunate, but it's the nature of the game. Macromedia, Adobe, Microsoft, Apple....the list goes on....they all do it. caveat emptor.
  8. Heh, I don't think I'd be a professional/semi-professional web designer if I couldn't design.....
  9. What? What are you talking about? Unless I can't read anymore and I'm misunderstanding what you wrote.... The OSX native Photoshop came out already....it's called Photoshop 7.0
  10. I've never had that problem with games and Mobydock. Odd. My big beef with Mobydock right now is if I try to remove or move icons from the dock, it crashes. My big beef with OD is I CAN'T MOVE the icons (and no, the icon locking is not on). It's wierd, once I create a shortcut, I can move it to either end of the dock but nowhere in the middle. It's like the icons won't move out of the way to let the new one in. So...I use Yz's (again)....best damn dock yet.
  11. Heh, I was going to mention ArteryPlanet.net myself.
  12. I actually use phpbb on one of my websites and I like it a lot. It's free. It's customizable, fast, and if it doesn't have a feature I need, someone's usually created a mod that I can download and install to add it in.
  13. Photoshop CS and Dreamweaver MX 2004. I've been doing this pro and semi-pro for *cringe* about 6 or 7 years. I've used everything from Notepad to Adobe Go Live. Dreamweaver is the best I've used so far. I also use EditPlus for when I have to dig through PHP or SQL code. ....oh and tables and iFrames are bad mmmkay?
  14. Uh...this ad doesn't say **** the RIAA. If anything, it says bow down to the RIAA. *paraphrased* Kid: I got sued by the RIAA. I'm still downloading songs, but now they're legal. How is that saying, "**** the RIAA"?
  15. You might try Ebay.....you can occationally find G3 and G4 cases for sale. Maybe there will be a G5 case.
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