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  1. You could try using RKLauncher with the "Show new applications" setting checked. After that, just right-click on the new icons that show up and you don't need (like svchost.exe and pretty much anything that you have never seen before in the taskbar) and select the option "Never show in dock".
  2. I'd like one too ************/gmail/com
  3. It's been a while... Same old stuff.. Litestep, Miranda IM, Y!WE, RK Launcher and Console2
  4. It's been a while, but not many changes since last time..
  5. Windows XP SP1 (Running Litestep as my shell in case that matters) RKlauncher 0.4 There seems to be a memory leak when changing between backgrounds. I was testing a bg and after switching between bgs for a while the memory used by RKLauncher was past 100mb O_o
  6. Try to type this in the command line: java -jar <file.jar>I couldn't download the file, but that should work - assuming you have a JavaVM installed in your OS.
  7. @Peaudepailles: In case no one sent you a PM, this is the original DC++ icon: btw, thanks for doing this 2nd pack
  8. If I understood you correctly: systray is the name of that area with all those small icons located beside the clock on a unmodded windows.. To change those icons, you need a resource hacker (ie.: ResHacker) to modify the icons of each of the applications that are on your systray..
  9. Great set, Peaudepailles! Here are some icons that I'd love to see included, if possible: - emule disconnected & connected in passive mode icons - azureus (or a generic bittorent client icon) - apache tray icons (running and stopped)
  10. 1) You need ColumnsUI v0.1.2 (at least older versions didn't work for me) 2) go to Components -> ColumnsUI, and check the Show Sidebar option 3) right click in the sidebar, and check the Panels -> Album Art option I think this should do
  11. I sent a few PMs to some A-S members about this skin, but no reply (not even a negative one ) so far, so.. Would anyone mind telling me this skins name and/or where I could get it? thanks a lot
  12. I'd like to request an option to make new instances of already running apps only be opened when double clicking on its shortcut in the dock (and maybe an option to make single clicks bring all running instaces of that app to front) Another thing would be a way to stop the dock from stealing the taskbar button of all minimized to dock apps (dunno if that happens on explorer, but when running litestep all minimized windows disappear from the taskbar until they are restored from RKL)
  13. try this: SELECT resource, COUNT(resource) FROM stats GROUP BY(resource) ORDER BY 2 DESC
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