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  1. Is it just me or demonoid.com doesn't load for anyone?
  2. I can send demonoid invites. Interested people PM me. . . An oink invitation would be nice.
  3. http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread....=command+prompt
  4. 2000. First skinned 98 to NFS Porsche colour scheme. Then discovered Windowblinds. It was too bloated back then. Then Switched on to XP and it has been aqua-ish since then. Now in Ubuntu its Murrine.
  5. Wheres the poll?:confused: I feel Ubuntu is the best. I haven't tested any other distro that much to comment on it. I once had Mandrake and it sucked.
  6. With Multi-Plugin installed itunes doesn't recognize my iPod, without MP it works OK. Help me. Please!! MP 2.4 used to crash iTunes and now this.
  7. Great!! I had been waiting for this for a long time.
  8. Just add the yahoo messenger exe to the windowblinds excluded application. Choose 'do not skin this application'.
  9. Selct your current theme, click on theme details, then Icons tab then drag and drop the downloaded file in the window.
  10. I do not know exactly but I think they are the same. But I see no harm in trying. Change the boot.ini as in the previous link such that it is disabled for all processes. Replace "/Execute" or "/NoExecute" or whatever to "/noexecute =AlwaysOff". That did the trick for me. Maybe it will also work in your comp.
  11. I was also having that memory issue but in my case it was 'memory could not be "written" '. It has NOT showed up since I disabled DEP a XP SP2 feature. Here is how to do it. Or you may try adding iTunes to the exclusion list.
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