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  1. I still pop in on occasion... although hardly anyone remembers me. I've been thinking about making a comeback, although I do have a mac now... Still... I do like to poke me head round the door every once in a while
  2. I have to say though, I do love the way the M$ proudly states "Yes, Longhorn will be a complete rewrite of the Windows OS, with a new filesystem, etc etc etc" and says it will be ready 2006, and then a year or more later has to make a turaround and say "Umm... well, actually, when we said 'total rewrite, what we actually meant was 'we're going to take Server 2003, and add some stuff into it that is supposed to make it cool, and user friendly... and it might not be out until 2007... Wait... maybe 2008... Ok ok, we'll release it when we're f'n ready, right?" I dont hate M$ by any stretch of the
  3. metal = gooood Metallica, SOAD, Soil, Disturbed, a little Slipknow here and there... I would contest that people like Bullet for my Valentine aren't metal, but more EMO... not my kind of thing, but hey. Oh, and how could i forget the best band around at the moment... American Headcharge! Going to see them on their UK tour with Soil next yr! Yay for me!
  4. I agree with all you guys that say 1) She's a keeper and 2) that i should spoil her as soon as i get the chance. And yes, she is amazing. What can i say? A girl that will buy you a shiny new iPod Nano (a nice blac one, too... which here in the UK you cant seem to get hold of for love nor money at the moment... I'm truly blessed. Oh, and Unbe... Nice to see you again, man. I'll be back around here a lot more now i think... Need to keep my head active somehow! Cheers all... I'll be sure to let my girlfriend know you all think she must be a saint or something!
  5. Ok, so I havent been around here for a while... work was manic and i had absolutely no time for anything... what with main job and finishing off the post production on a feature length dvd as well... anyway... luck turned bad a few weeks ago when i was made redundant from my job... I was absolutely floored... No job, no money, I felt useless. Then, to cap it off, my lovely lovely car (A black Volvo C70 Coupe, in case you were wondering) was broken into outside my house. Both door windows were smashed, and my iPod Mini was stolen out of my glovebox! Now sure, I could have claimed all this
  6. Guys, no need to argue. Its flat fact that different people at different stages of development are going to have differing levels of skill and experience at their disposal. I've worked in graphic design for 5 years and still look at the web sites and creations of some of my peers and think "wow... how the hell did you do that?". Pops, I think what you are doing is a great idea... Its a good way of getting some experience and some work to put in your portfolio. As for your website, yes, it could do with a little work, but pat went about his "criticism" the wrong way. Pat, although i hav
  7. Oh, I'm sorry... 1) I thought it might actually help to draw peoples attention to something that is actually relatively important... and 2) I apologise for not quite following convention... Give a guy a break at the moment when he's worrying about his family.
  8. i've got to say i'm really proud of the emergency services... they're doing a stellar job. I've not heard Tony Blair sound as shaken as he did this morning... I just hope its over.
  9. As amuzing as that is, I'm not sure this is something to be joking about... Not in great taste when there are people dying...
  10. London has this morning been rocked by a series of blasts on its transport network, killing many people, and injuring hundreds. Information so far points to this being a terrorist attack on Englands capital. Tony Blair, Prime Minister, has vowed that terrorists will not break our way of life or our values. The blasts timing clearly coincides with the opening of the G8 summit, with the 8 most powerful figures in world politics meeting to discuss world debt, poverty, and other significant matters. However, the events of this morning look set to turn this into a terrorism summit. A statement fr
  11. I gotta go with teh Stevie... Cause he's a mate. Nothin homo there... just got more luv for ya than the others cos I know yea better bud!
  12. I like it, dz... I like it alot. It seems like a logical progression to have Aero Soft go from skinning Xp to look like Longhorn, to having it be a community that develops skins for the Longhorn UI... Its a good way to keep the site useful once LH is (eventually) released. Btw, has anyone else heard about MS reorganising its release plan... moving some features that were intended for LH only to be released in Xp updates later? Just wondered... Cheers,
  13. Hey. I alerady PMed you off the initial thread you brought this up in, but that thread degenerated into madness. Like I said, would love to be involved in any way I can. I'm using LH Inspirat2 at the moment... so yes, I love the Aero/LH look... Designer/motion graphics and video by trade, used to be a computer journalist. I know my way around the inner workings of IPB fairly well... I'm in if I'm wanted. 'Nuff said. Cheers,
  14. Sorry but i just couldn't resist... was watching Star Wars the other day and was reminded of this topic and the slagging off of Ron Perlman... Look at the resemblance here: ... Separated at birth? I think so!!!
  15. C'mon Duckie... It's not only 14 year olds who like pretty things. Many of the people who came here in the first place did so because they thought the windows interface was ugly and the OSX one was better... I know I did. Hell, I've spent 4 years of my life as a PC journalist, and I've propped Windowblinds, and even Aqua-Soft, in the biggest PC magazine in Europe more than once... But Stefanka's work is amazing, and I think it looks great. Ok, so there has been a bit of a trend in this stuff lately... But look at all the work by BZeitler et al... Its not just Longhorn around at the moment
  16. Just caught on to the lovin' of Inspirat2 :-) God I love it!
  17. No idea myself... But you could try posting your question on www.theanswerbank.com ... they're pretty good at things like this. Just a suggestion. Cheers
  18. Vocals are my passion, but from back when I was in a band I still got a couple of guitars which I love dearly: Paul Reed-Smith Standard 22 in transluscent turquoise ESP Standard Eclipse II in vintage black - my fave Gotta fiddle with my ESP... I think i managed to get the pickups a bit wonky... sounds uneven :S.
  19. Ok, I'm going to humour you for now and give you a bit of advice, even though Im not quite sure that this project is ever going to happen... Even if I were to fully trust in the claims made here... My first suggestion would be to take on some people who really know what they are doing when it comes to user interface design. The photoshopped image that you have posted here looks like a standard linux distro with some bolt-ons and a bit of skinning. It doesn't have the really polished look that OSX has, I'm afraid it looks a bit disjointed - Element styles, even in that one screenshot, don't
  20. hehe... cool thread! I had an anesthesiologist tell me to count backwards from 10 after pumping the anasthestic into me... So I did... And nothing happened. The doc was like "Oh... Ok then, well I dunno, do whatever I guess..." They pumped me full of more drugs, and as I was just happily singing to myself I was like "la la la la hey wow whats going on with the room... it's going all floaty...." zonk. I was out. Apparently then when I came around I was chatting away to all the nurses and stuff... Except I cant remember any of it hehe... Anasthetic is funny stuff lol.
  21. Haha... this client isnt that new really... I tried it out a few months ago on my quest to find a better client... But found that Gush really sucked. Firstly it's all done in Flash which means no right-click insterface and that it all has to be contained in that stupid window. Also, I have no problem with it using Jabber Transports, but last I checked it didn't support downloading of contact lists from the server... which is a real pain in the &$$. Let me know what you guys think... I know they updated a little while back... You never know it might be good by now Cheers,
  22. trying to work on something that might float your boar, so to speak. More of a total application mod than a skin though... will take a while. In the mean time, I agree entirely.. Proteus looks lovely and someone should try and port it... but it will be tricky... None of the windows messengers at the moment use dialogues even remotely like those in Proteus lol Cheers
  23. Hi Does anyone out there know if there is much support yet for the CSS3 drafts that W3C are working on? There is a project I am working on (purely personal nothing that relies on mass-compatibility) and I wanted to use some stuff thats only in CSS3... Any ideas guys/gals? Cheers,
  24. The problem with this is that iChat draws it differently... on the fly i think. if you just had a set of images, when you had a long message the "bubble" would look all screwed up, unless you found some way to get it to stretch the other images in the tile to the same proportion as the ones affected by the length of the image. if you dont, the curves wont match up etc.. Won't look good Cheers,
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